Monday, November 24, 2008

Yessss, Puffs tissues.

1. I was thinking today about those three months we spent in Minnesota/North Dakota when we were first married. They were fun and challenging. I remember loving it but also getting verrrrrry homesick. Yep, I'm a bit of a homebody. I'm grateful for my mom's almost daily calls and my aunt Kristal's almost daily emails. They were much needed and I'm not really sure why I thought about it, but grateful-ness is never too late, right?

2. The dreaded cold has hit the Fish household, mostly me, and so I am grateful for the quilt my grandma made us and my box of soft Puffs tissue. They have made me happy and are helping to nurse me back to health.

3. Brennon got the whole 4 day weekend off so I'm so excited to spend the whole weekend together with our families, eating lots of food of course.


Jenna Winters said...

yay holiday weekend is so needed for us too! i love the family atmosphere and good food. i also know what you mean about looking back on the so called "early days" of our marriages. i always think about the first 6 months or so and feel all warm and tender and wouldn't trade them for anything!

Cara Fish said...

yea for time off!

kristal said...

Ahhh, you're #1, I'm right there with you. I would have died without Tamee and Jana's daily calls and my friend Ali's daily e mails. I thank them for it all the time. Those 3 years in Texas are now referred to as "the dark years". blah! Glad you're back...don't leave again!