Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The best trip ever!

....That's what I kept saying the whole weekend. It was such a fun weekend getaway! We decided to do something for our anniversary like a couple days before and just kinda threw it together. I really wanted to stay at a Bed and Breakfast but apparently you have to book those more than 3 days in advance. So we stayed at a Country Inn and Suites, which wasn't too bad. We left Friday afternoon and spent that night just hanging out at the hotel. Then we got up early-ish and left for Coronado Island. I am officially in love with this place. It is SO beautiful and the weather was so great. The only bad part about whole day was going over a massively long bridge to get there. I'm not a big fan of bridges. But other than that, I'd say it was a perfect day.

All morning, there was tons of fog by the beach so we rented bikes and rode around the island for like 4 hours. It was so fun cause we have never rode bikes together and it was such a beautiful place to do so. Everything is so green and pretty and the houses are AMAZING. Seriously, like every other house I was like, "Look Brennon!"

I got the pink bike, which I was very excited about.

The view from the island.

One of the pretty houses.

I was amazed that there were flamingos just hangin out at this really fancy hotel.

Brennon got very burnt feet. It was sad, but also hilarious. I'm sure you all wanted to see a picture of Brennon's feet.

The fog cleared up so we went to the beach. The water was freezing so I opted to stay on the beach. It was such a gorgeous beach, the sand even had like specks of gold in it. Maybe that's why every one's so rich there.

This face kills me.

I eventually got in the water and we also went down to where there was little tide pools. I found this awesome shell that actually was a crab. And this obnoxious kid stole it from me! I was not happy about this.

We left Coronado, sadly, and were trying to decide what to do. Then, we brilliantly decided to go to Sea World because they have this thing going on where if you buy a normally priced ticket, you get the whole year FREE! How great is that? So since the next day we would have to leave before the fireworks, we went to see them. They were kinda disappointing. But we also got to go to the Shamu night show. We made a very big mistake.

Don't ever sit on the 3rd row at the Shamu show. NOT a good idea.

I heart Shamu. Seriously, the whole time we were there, we were amazed at what they could teach animals to do.

The next day, we headed to Sea World again. I'm pretty sure we saw everything Sea World had to offer. Loved the sea lions.

Another tip: Don't sit on the 5th row at the dolphin show. I didn't think dolphin would splash all that much, but we got even more wet than we did at Shamu. One more tip: Always wear your swim suit to Sea World.

Brennon was such a good husband and went on the rollercoster with me, even though he gets sick on them. But he didn't get sick so that was good.

We also went on the water rapid ride and got soaked yet another time. I was so scared that the disposable camera that all these pictures were from was ruined because it got pretty wet. But somehow it didn't. Yay! Other good news- we found our digital camera under the couch! Yay again!

It was an amazing trip and now we are determined to someday have a house on Coronado. It was so great just to be able to be together all weekend and celebrate!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

We made it thru a whole year!

Are you surprised? :) I'd say things are even better than when we started, if that is possible. We understand somewhat of how each other work, what bugs one another, whats makes us happy and pretty much have just had a ton of fun. Of course things aren't perfect, but it definitely gets better everyday.

Ok, I just wanted to put down a couple of random reasons why I adore my husband and some of my favorite pictures of the past year. Get ready for a whole crap load of pictures.

*He always lets me park in the covered space that is basically right in front of our door while he sometimes has to park quite a ways away.

*He tickles my back and face when I have a headache because it relaxes me.

*He almost always does the dishes.

*He is predictable, but in a good way.

*He's always the first to say he's sorry.

*He does dumb things just to make me laugh and one time, told me how important it is that he is funny to me. And he makes me laugh everyday.

*He puts up with ALOT.

*When we were away for the summer, he would indulge me and celebrate our monthly anniversaries. One time he got me pizza and some new perfume and one time he cooked dinner for me.

* He's dang cute! I love his strong chin and squinty eyes.

* He leaves me sweet little notes when I least expect it.
*He is always trying to do things for me.

*He makes me completely loved everyday!

And here's some of my favorite pictures of us over the past year, in no order...

When we got our marriage license.

Before we were engaged, at my best friend Rachel's wedding. We got into a little spat this evening.

At my best friend Melanie's wedding.

My little sister Tessa adores him and I just love this picture. The other day I went over to my parents and I was talking to Tessa. I told her that Brennon wasn't there cause he was lame and she said "No he's not, he's sweet!" She is his biggest fan.

These two pics were taken by my aunt Kristal before we were even engaged. I LOVE them.

Cardinals game fun.

1st Halloween as a married couple. We went to our ward party and we were like the only adults dressed up.

Christmas temple lights.

Our very first Halloween where we threw our costumes together at the last minute.

New Years Eve at Evan and Cara's. Brennon was very tired.

Our first and last cabin trip. :(

A freaky picture of us at the county fair over a year ago.

The picture that was on our wedding announcement.

At Mt. Rushmore.

Our first apartment!

State Fair on Halloween with Evan and Cara

Our first beach trip!

First Guttery family picture!

One of my FAVORITE pictures of Brennon.

At the Mall of America this summer.

And lots of fun wedding pictures. We had the best photographers, my aunt Kristal and Sloan photographers.

They had to lift me over this fence so we could get into the field!

I LOVED my shoes! They are so vintage and fun and they were only like 30 bucks!

I also loved my flowers. They were different but beautiful.

These were supposed to be our model faces. I just look mad and Brennon looks like Zoolander.

When I first got my ring, Brennon would catch me just staring at sometimes. I love it so much and I am still very in love with it. Sorry girls, but I think mine the prettiest. :)

Sorry for the picture overload. But I had alot of fun going through alot of our wedding pics again. Its so weird to think a year ago at this time we were heading up to Minnesota to try and make money, try being the key word. :) I am so happy I married Brennon Wayne Fish. He makes life so fun everyday and is such an example to me in every way. Happy Anniversary to us!