Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Good stuff.

1. Excedrin migrane. Those pills work like a charm for me when those weekly headaches come around.

2. My adorable piano students. Seriously, the 2nd best job. I love seeing these kids every week, helping them, motivating them. There all so cute and fun and have each made such progress since we've began. Now its time to plan a Christmas Recital! I just love it.

3. I'm grateful that Brennon starts his new job next week! He got a job with the airlines and he'll be in Denver for 2 weeks for training. :( BUT, it'll be so worth it. Free flights, great benefits, flexible schedules. We are gonna travel the world this summer! Yay!


lindsay levi said...

Brennon got a job with the airlines? That's great! Which airline?

dani said...

Frontier Airlines. I had never heard of it but I guess its rated one of the best airlines to work for. Yay!