Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!

For Halloween tonight, we are going to the Fair. I am so excited, mostly for the deep fried fair food and the carny freaks.

On Saturday, we spent pretty much the whole day trying to figure out what to be for our Trunk or Treat ward Halloween party. Yeah, we need lives huh. We went to Savers, Goodwill, Walmart and my mom's basement closet and ended up with this amazingly trashy choice.

The hard core biker chick and her nerd boyfriend. Im trying to look like I have muscles and would really ride a motorcycle, if you can't tell.

I also made chili for the Annual Chili Cook-off because im really domestic. And it got 3 votes! No need to mention that two of them were from my husband and I...

Then on Monday night, we had the Annual Pumpkin carving party at Evan and Cara's. We ate yummy chalupa and carved hardcore. Present at the party were: Cara and Evan, Trevor, Bethany and Cameron and adorable baby Haylee, Jared and Julie with crazy fun kids Drew and Carly, and Kendall and April with cutie Tyce.

The boys busy at work. Trevor's was INTENSE. I think he's probably still over there doing it right now.

We decided on a witch this year. I had to do all the hard work cause Brennon was at class til 7. Which is probably why it looks the way it does with all the goop coming out the holes.

The finished product.
Then we watched Disturbia which thourouly freaked me out.
Hope everyone has a wonderful Halloween!

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Why do I even try?

Dang it. I'm dumb. I put a new background on as you can see and it erased my whole link list. and pretty much my whole side bar. Sad day... I think I should just leave all the background stuff to Kristal from now on...

Wednesday, October 24, 2007


Tuesday night I came home from a busy nonstop day to find yellow tulips, my FAV flower, on our table. Awww. And for no reason. AND, he had dinner all ready. A yummy chicken stir fry dish. Isn't he just cute! Just thought I'de have a "husband recognition" post.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

The Difference between my husband and I.

This morning, I awoke to find Brennnon in the kitchen making french toast. He has been looking forward to saturday morning all week because of the said french toast. We even got that thick bread that's really good for french toast.

Now when I wake up, I spend about an hour actually waking up because I am NOT a morning person. I'm grouchy and unproductive. When Brennon wakes up, he starts singing, dancing and in this mornings' case, doing that to a Backstreet Boys song.

B: Now throw your hands up in the ai-ar!(actually throwing his hands in the air)

D: What the...

B: Wave um around like ya just don't care-a!(actually throwing them around)

D: Shut up.

B: Backstreets back, ALRIGHT!(doing a dance move that no one should see)

D: I'm going back to bed.

He was also wearing an apron which made the whole thing even more entertaining.

Its good that he's a morning person or we would never get anything done on a Saturday. If I had my way, we would lay in bed all day.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Making up for my lack of posts.

First off, I hope you all saw my cute halloweeny background while it lasted. I got it off this website where she was "borrowing" them from shabbyprincess but then she was found out and so the great, easy to use, step by step blog layouts are no more. Hopefully Kristal will be helping me get a new one....

This weekend, we saw the dumbest movie EVER. Mr. Woodcock. Yeah, you would think the name would have done it in but no. I pretty much hate Billy Bob Thorton. But we had fabulous company, Rachel and Nathaniel. We ate at the California Pizza Kitchen. The boys shared a "man pizza" and we had our girly one. We discovered that Nathaniel's gay talk is a leetle too good.

Then Saturday we washed my mother's car for her late b-day present and also made it die. Sorry.

We had a very relaxing Saturday and didn't get that much done. Brennon watched football and we got caught up on a little cleaning. Then, my mom calls and says they got 2 extra tickets to Brian Regan!! We were SO excited cause I've been wanting to see him since like sophomore year. He was extremely hilarious and much fun was had by all.

Last weekend, or maybe it was two weekends ago, we went to the Hatch family reunion. It was at Fenway park. Random, but fun. Well, as far as reunions go.

Boston was goin to town on this cupcake. He was so determined to get to that cupcake, he climbed up the table. So we just let him go at it. Were going to be such good parents.

The sugar hi is winding down.

Then, the weekend or two before that, we went to the Adams reunion up in ShowLow. You pretty much have to go up the whole mountain to get there. Oh, but it was worth it.

The trek up the mountain. Not pictured: Kristal and I staying dry and warm under an awning and also being pansies.

All the crazy relatives in the background. They did cook a mean biscuits and gravy meal.

He's hard core.

We thought it was cute that we were both wearing our husbands school sweaters.

And one more for good measure.

And last and certainly least, the extent of my Halloween decorations. Pathetic huh.

That is all.

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Bing Soo Love.

Last night, we went on a double date with Kayla and Zach. It was a sorta like a trip back to high school and we loved it.
First we went to get Bing Soo. What is Bing Soo you ask?

Its like this- shaved ice, frozen yogurt, fresh fruit, and pureed fruit in liquid form over the top. Then, you mix it all together with a big spoon and enjoy! Its pretty much amazing. And the atmosphere makes it even better. Its a cute little shop run by a bunch of Asians and they show Asian music videos on a projector against one of the walls. We entertained ourselves by narrating them. They also have chess and jenga, which we used to thier fullest.

Favorite quote of the night- Zach, while explaining the movie Stardust: "Its like The Princess Bride. Except with alot more violence. And blood. And gay guys."

Then we were gonna go see a movie but it didn't start til 9:40 and Brennon and I's bedtime is 10. So after much diliberation, we decided to play cards. Phase 10 to be exact. Well, Phase 5. Zach and I got killed.
I've decide that we need to go on more double dates Kayla.