Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Party house

Unfortuantly, Brennon has the computer with his in Denver so I haven't been able to keep up with my gratitude posts. I'm not going to attempt to catch up, just gonna start fresh.

1. I'm grateful that Kayla is staying with me this week in my big, lonely house. And even tho I'm a loser and fall asleep at 10 she still kinda likes me. We've had lots 'o' fun watching movies, eating chocolate and just laughing.

2. I'm grateful that I have to keep my house clean. We have to keep it in "showing condition" at all times just in case someone wants to come see it. It's really helped me gain better cleaning habits like not leaving clothes on the floor, putting the dishes right in the dishwasher, things like that. Hopefully it will translate when I don't "have" to keep my house clean.

3. I'm grateful that I got to go see Madagascar 2 with my fam yesterday. Great movie, Tessa's adorable laughter, my mom and Kayla sitting on each side of me, and all the popcorn I could eat. What could be better.