Saturday, June 30, 2007

Ghetto Fabulous

So think i have failed to mentioned how truly ghetto our apartment complex is. Now i dont mean to complain, that is not my intention with this post. I actually find it quite amusing and one day will look back on this and laugh. Your supposed to live somewhere on the lower end of the spectrum cause now the only way to go is up! When we first arrived, I was wowed by there 2 swimming pools and other seemingly lavish ammenities but we have come to find that these ammenities are only a cover up to hide the true nature of Springbrook Apartments. No, really its not that bad, we are actually really greatful for it cause its super cheap. But nevertheless, glad to be moving. As we are going to Fargo tomorrow I thought I should share where we have been living the past month or so.

This is where I layed out the other day. Scenic huh.
The pool is indoor and to the left.

This is our front room. It makes me really excited
to be able to decorate one day.

Dining room, kitchen and hallway. I can fit it all
in one picture!

The bedroom. I actually really love our bed spread
we picked out and the furniture is not too bad.

Our bathroom. I let Brennon pick out the shower
curtain- anyone under 3 dollars i think. And look,
he forgot to put the toliet seat down...

Our hallway that smells of smoke and curry.

There are TONS of geese and ducks which is cool.
They are pretty mean tho and if you get too close,
they'll hiss at you and try to eat your feet. Not nice.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

The Minnehaha

These are from the trip to the Mall of America. We stopped at a waterfall on the way back called Minnehaha Falls. It was pretty uneventful and humid and there wasn't that much to see but the waterfall. But still it was pretty. Oh and i counted the steps leading down to it and there was about 100 each way. There's my work out for the month.

Monday, June 25, 2007

The saga begins...


The battle of the centuries...Coming 2007 to a Chipotle near you. (Read on for explination)

Ok, So probably one of the funniest things that i have ever had the fortune to witness happened on Saturday. I hope I can do this story justice and that you perhaps can get as much joy out of it as I did. So saturday i went out with Brennon selling. It was hard work let me tell you. So we took a lunch break and decided to go to the local Chipotle. We met a couple of the other salesmen guys and we were all just chattin when in walks...the Apex guys! In they walk with there matching white shoes and dirty looks. They order there food and one of them is recognized by one of our guys. One of our guys had been in a customers house selling and the apex guy(we'll call him curly haired loser) had come in and ruined the sale for him by saying that we didn't have permits and whatnot. So our manager tells this guy simply that that was pretty messed up. Curly-haired loser then proceedes to get all defensive and tells the manager to say that to his face. It becomes like something you would see in a movie with security system jabs and how each company is better. I on the other hand was on the side lines laughing uncontrollably. Almost to tears. I think they might have thought i was mocking them but really i was just laughing at the whole situation in general. Though there matching shoes was kind of funny. Then, curly haired loser, who seemed to me to be the leader of there pack, walks away and mumbles a not so nice word under his breath. Then the whole brawl starts up again almost ending in showdown. Anyways if your waiting for more of an ending well theres not. I'm not sure if this was something you had to be there for or not. But let me assure you, it was quite hilarious.

Friday, June 22, 2007

I can't wait...

So Kristal tagged me once again and I have to, i mean get to do a top ten of things i "can't wait" for. So here it no particular order.

1. I cant wait... to be done with school! This is about 4 or 5 years and lots of money down the road but that will be SO nice.

2. I can't wait... to be back in Arizona and in a apartment/condo of our own. I never thought i would get homesick but alas i am. I just can't wait to have our own place that i can decorate and have all of our own stuff...wait, that was kinda two. oh well.

3. I can't wait... to be a teacher! Ok I know, such a morman girl thing to do but its alot more practical than a florist and i think ill love it even more.

4. I can't make Brennon watch all the Harry Potter movies. He hasn't seen ANY! Can you believe that!? Were gonna do a marathon. Well, I have this image in my mind of this happening but who knows if it will. It doesn't matter what time of day it is, both of us fall asleep through movies. It took us 2 seperate nights to finish Happy Feet(which we don't recommend)

This picture is uncomfortable and funny and sorta creepy. The caption that went with it was "Harrys' all grown up"

5. I can't wait... to have a cabin with a hammock. But more importantly, a hammock. Ok ever since the Hatch's cabin got a hammock, i have been in love. I love just laying on the hammock with a blanket reading or just swinging. And for our Honey moon, we went up to this cabin up north and low and behold there was a hammock. I don't think any cabin is complete with out it. Thats me in the picture by the way.

6. I can't be done with this list.

7. I can't wait... to have babies. Well I definatly CAN and WILL wait but I am really excited. The actual having it part doesn't really apeal to me but just look at the aftermath!

Hope you don't mind Kris but i just love this picture!

8. I can't wait... to live in a small town and a nice house. We haven't really worked out the all the details yet but thats the plan.

9. I can't wait... to see that new penguin movie that just came out. Im hoping it will make up for happy feet being such a let down. There's a line in it that makes us crack up everytime. Now i can't remember it. Dang it. Its funny tho trust me.

Im a sucker for penguin movies.

10. I can't wait... for my sisters to grow up and get married and for us all to be best buds. Then my little 'i cant wait' world would be complete.

So thats im tagging Cara and Vonda(now your double tagged, you better do it)

Thursday, June 21, 2007

What this area has to offer...

So as most of you know, I have an extremly boring job right now. So in my spare time I was looking through craigslist in the area im living in and found these treasures... Now these are direct quotes from the ads. No, I was not the author of these genius lines.

Is it a car? Is it a motorcycle? Can it mow you lawn? (what the crap?)

In good shape, cracks in fenders have been welded, doors solid, engine froze up. (Note to author: when there's a picture, you cant lie)

(I actually really like these. I remember having them as a kid)

(I just can't understand who would want these...)

These are written ones that ive found...the second one kinda disturbs me.

DVD "Are your Health Problems Linked to a Toxic Colon?" Contact me for details.

Have doll parts for sale to make life like dolls. Some heads, legs, arms, body forms, beads for weight, eyes, etc....all for $25.00 320-556-3563

New house needs sod, I have baseball cards that includes rookies and stars from the 80's. I have emeralds, rubies, sappires and many semi precious jewels.
Anyways, I found these really funny. Or maybe ive just been trapped in an office for too long...

Well, at least they're boneless.

So the other morning we awoke to find 3 BBQ wings on the front hood of our hood. Maybe its a minnesota thing, i thought. Still, really weird. Brennon went to inspect and confirmed that they were in fact bbq chicken wings. But then he said well, at least they're boneless! Always looking on the bright side. Thats why i married him.

This blog is taking a new turn...

Ok, so ive decided to start blogging more about everyday life sort of things. Ive realized that all my blog entries have just been like more major get ready for unimportant(Is that a word?)and irrelevant details....

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Happy Father's Day!!

Its father's day! I just wanted to take a moment to tell you all what an awesome dad i have. Anyone that knows him can definatly agree with me. He is all that a dad should be and way more and has been such an amazing example to me. He puts up with 7 girls in one house! Now that is amazing on its own. But I can just remember him always waiting up for me when I was out late into the night, staying up late to help me with school projects and the most recent, completing a whole backyard in 2 months cause i just went off and found the other man of my dreams. He worked on it everyday for hours so I could have our reception back there! My dad has taught me so many things in my life and I'm so greatful for him. Love you Dad!

Mall of America!

Last thursday, we took the day off and went to the Mall of America! It was so amazing and huge! it was like all the malls in arizona combined times 10! We had alot of fun...First, we got lost in downtown Minneapolis because it was SO confusing!I thought Phoenix was bad...Then we hopped on a train headed to the mall. We got there and the first thing we did was go the aquarium. Its the largest underground aquarium in the world! It was really amazing. It was this long tunnel with the sea life all around you. It felt like you were in the ocean except not as scary. Then we just looked around the mall a little. There's over 500 stores! It was a little tough cause we are poor but still fun. We went to the lego land thing they have there which was pretty cool. Then we went on the log ride and got hilarious pictures! I wish we could post it but its the ones you buy. Anywyas, it was a very fun day..

Friday, June 15, 2007

Fun little slide show...

OK, last one...

This is the last post of our trip to Stillwater. Brennon says Im getting a little blog-happy. ha ha These pics are by the St. Croix river. It was so pretty. The ferries were so cute, there was a band on one of them that played this old fashioned big band music- like from the movies! I loved it. Oh and the other couple is Garrett and Kathryn, some friends from AZ that are sellin up here too.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Yes, were dorks...

Here's some more pictures from our little trip. There were tons of cute little antique shops and some that were more like garage sales. It was fun though as you can see by our lovely hats. Oh and there was this clock store that reminded us of Pinnochio(sp? I have no idea how to spell that...) You know the little wooden boy disney movie. All the coo coo clocks and such. We had alot of fun.

Willy Wonka Factory

On Sunday, we went with some friends to Stillwater. We were just kinda along for the ride cause we had no idea what this town was. It turns out it is this cute little tourist town that was the founding place of Minnesota. Sure the history stuff was great, but my favorite part was the candy store! It was this little hole in the wall place that looked like candy store on Willy Wonka! It was so cute and old fashioned with all the clear jars of candy! And there chocolate was AMAZING! We also got a whole pound of salt water taffy which we'll be eating on for the next couple months. Way good.

Friday, June 8, 2007

7 things I LOVE!

So Ive never got tagged before and now it happen twice at the same time! Cara and Kristal! Im sure that Im gonna copy some of theres cause I think Im a little like both of them but here it goes...maybe Ill make brennon do it too. (these in no particular order)

1. Brennon. I know, were newlyweds so i have to say that but really he is so amazing. I can't believe I got someone as wonderful as him. He makes me so happy and being married to him has just been an awesome adventure. Yes the whole 3 weeks. I love more him than I could ever imagine.

2. My parents. I think the reason I am able to love so much is because of them. My parents brought so much love in our home and I really had the coolest house to grow up in because of them. Sometimes my friends would just come over to hang out with my parents! I appriciate that much more now than I did then and I hope I can be the "cool" parents when I have teenagers. They are the best examples to me of everything that I want to be in my life.

3. My many sisters. I love being the oldest of 6 girls. Yes, we did fight about clothes and bathroom time, but we have so much fun together. Im so excited to be able to see them grow up(because we ARE coming back to AZ) and for them to become my best friends.

4. My girlfriends. Its so crazy being one of the first to get married out of your friends. But Im glad it was me cause now I can just kick back and help all of them with there weddings! I truly love my friends so much. Life get busy and things change so much but its so nice to know that you've got some awesome girls to always be there!

5. Music. I was raised with music in every form all around. Whether it was piano lessons or just singing and dancing in the kitchen, music has been a big part of my life and I love it! I esspecially love teaching kids piano and blasting music in my car. A good song can totally change my mood and get me dancin! (not very well i might add, those who have seen me dance can attest to that)

6. Just life! Ok, this isn't a cop out cause I cant think of anything else. Really I love life! I love all the funny random things that happen, the coincidences that you know were not coincidences, the times where you laugh so hard at nothing, the ups and downs, everything. I dont mean to get all deep or anything but I love the fact that we are able to experience all the great things and the not so great things that life offers. Yeah this is really broad. But it brings me to number 7...

7. Christ. He is why all these 6 things are possible. Also, i dont want to seem fake or all mormon but He really is the thing I love the most. The gospel brings the most happiness and joy into my life and I am just thankful to have it.

Ok well I was thinking "who should I tag?" and then I realized oh yeah NONE of my friends have a blog except kristal and cara. So maybe this will just inspire those who read this to GET A BLOG! or maybe not....whatever.

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Good Ole' Council Bluffs

We really wanted to stop at some church sites along the way, but we passed the one that we would have really liked to have visited, which was Winter Quarters, Neb. So we came to good ole' Council Bluffs and we decided to stop. The Church history site at Council Bluffs was only a Log cabin. But the log cabin was the site of a general conference in the early days of the Church. It is where Brigham Young was sustained as the Prophet of the Church. It was not the most exciting place we have ever been to but it was still cool to see. There was a really boring couple who ran the visitors center. The Sister talked alot. But they were really nice. "Bless their hearts."