Friday, February 15, 2008


We had a very nice, relaxing Valentines day. I woke up to these on the table...

Now you may be thinking, wait yellow roses symbolize friendship. Does Brennon just want to be "friends" with his wife? No, I just don't like the red ones. Too overdone. To predictable. I basically love any flower except red roses and carnations. Oh, and I'm not that fond of regular daisies but love gerberas. My absoulute favorites are hydrandea, tulips, daffodils, and stargazer lilies. Anyways, now you all know my flower preferences.

I got to cut and arrange them which I totally love and miss doing.

Then I went to school and had to give a speech that went way better than expected, which was nice. I then went and wrote a 3 page paper of bull in an hour and decided that I deserve to not go to my last class on Valentines Day. So I didn't. Instead, I went to Fry's and got Brennon's favorite cake mix and frosting, the rainbow chip kind, and went home to "build him a cake". I cleaned the house and packed our bags for our snowboarding trip this weekend. Well, Rachel and I will be skiing cause we are pansies. We'll actually probably spend most of our time in the warm lodge. But it will be fun.

Then I went and dropped by some valentines at my families house and taught piano for a couple hours. My mom gave me this...

along with a fish shaped chocolate. She thinks its hilarious to buy us fish stuff. Love ya mom and I LOVE the flowers.

I came home at 7 to Brennon cooking my favorite meal. Pasta. He got all my favorite stuff: the sun-dried tomato alfredo sauce, pesto to mix in, ceaser salad, garlic bread, and sparkling cider. It was DELISH.

This is what the table looked like. Can you guess which bag is for me?
He claims there was no V-day bags at Bashas but I think he just thought it would be funny to have a beer bag to give me.

Right after dinner he insisted that I open my card first and this is what I see...

Brennon was CRACKING UP. Classy huh.

Then I proceed to talk, giving a speech like "SO we've been married for what, 9 months now? It's going pretty good, right? I mean, were both happy, its working out. Well maybe we should take it to the next level...."

I got down on one knee and asked him to wear a wedding ring.

After 9 months of marriage, he has never had a wedding ring and he always says the girls are gonna hit on me and I dont have a ring to point to. Just joking of course. So I got him one. Off Amazon for 30 bucks. That was our limit this year.

But, I suck and it doesn't fit. So we have to send it back. I'm not a very good gift giver.

Then I opened my gift and it was this bath robe thingy that I have been wanting and a gift certificate to get a pedicure, which I have also been wanting. It was a thoughtful, sweet gift.

After all that, we just kinda hung out the rest of the night and Brennon was in asleep by 10 cause he had to get up at 4 this morning to go to stupid Tucson. Thats where he's been his whole life this week, so im kinda bitter.

So that was our first married Valentine's and I think it went pretty good. I love my husband SO much and all the sweet things he does for me. It's not really in his nature to go big for holidays, he's a pretty simple, easygoing guy and I love that about him. He definatly keeps me from going crazy. It's pretty crazy that our year anniversary is coming up so quickly! Feels like just yesterday....

Hope everyone's Valentine's day was lovely!

Friday, February 8, 2008


This is my cousin Erica and her new fiancee Zach. You might know her as the hilarious writer of "tartraz".
If you have a minute, go to this link and vote for them for a wedding package. They are the finalist out of 100 couples!

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Freakin awesome family

On Saturday, lots of my family was in town for my Aunt Tammee's sweet little baby blessing. It was so much fun to have everyone in town. In the morning, Tammee, my mom and I went in search of a blessing dress fit for little Taryn Lilly Jones. It resulted in me becoming a tad baby hungry. But don't worry mom, not THAT hungry. But i definatly know where I'm getting my baby's dress in 2 YEARS. Adorable little place on Main. Anyways....

We found the perfect dress, it had a cape, a hat, and a bow in case she got tired of wearing the hat. She was well accessorized.

Now tell me that doesn't make you at least a LITTLE baby hungry. I dont care who you are, thats perfection.

On Saturday night, we met up with everyone at California Pizza Kitchen. Kristal and Jason came in from Jo town, Grandma and Grandpa, Tammee and Kieth from Virginia and the rest are Brimhalls. Quite a large crowd.

My lovely grandma presented Brennon and I with our Christmas present which was an amazing quilt. It is huge and beautiful and comfy. She spent so much time on it, I probably would have given up after the first two squares. Your amazing grandma!!

Thats her in the left and her sister in law on the right, Claudette, who is an amazing lady as well. Why do I have such a wonderful family!?

And last but certainly not least is my mother and aunt Paula. My mother kinda reminds me of a vantrilaquist doll right here, maybe because of the squarness of the mouth. I love it. You make a beautiful doll mom!

After dinner, we went to Passage to Zarahemela. Wow. Never have I seen a movie with such a wierd plot and completly bad acting. And mind you I was only awake for half of the movie. Yeah, I dont recommend it. As far as morman movies goes, I would say its even below Baptists at our Barbeque.

Friday, February 1, 2008


So about a month ago my dad got Brennon Suns tickets. Well, ticket really, cause I didn't get to go. Brennon calls me, in a very sweet voice and proceeds to butter me up. I knew from about the moment he spoke that my dad had gotten him tickets. Honestly, I would have been perfectly fine with him going but he didn't even let me speak. This is kinda what the conversation went like-

B: How was your day sweetie? I missed you today. *sugary sweet voice

D: Yeah, I missed you too.... What did my dad get tickets to?

B: *a more pleading voice. The Suns game tonight, and I know we havent really seen eachother all week and you wanted to hang out tonight but can I go??? Please?

D: Me thinking-Am I really that controlling?

D: *Realizing the levrage I have. Ok.... I guess....

B: I'm gonna get you Haispray tickets since you are so amazing.

D: Ok, I think that would make up for it.

B: And I'll even go.

D: Wow you really want to go tonight, huh.

So anyways, he was gonna buy me tickets since I have been wanting to go forever. But luckily for him, my dad is the frekin ticketmaster and got tickets for us.

Well, we were told that we had 6 tickets so we invited Rachel and Nathaniel to come with us and then my sister and her friend were coming. Come to find out, we only have four. So, Brennon, being the self sacrificing man that he is, suggested that Rachel and I go and him and Nate would just find something else to do. What a hero.

So Brennon went and saw Cloverfield and was happy as can be.

The show was amazing and it worked out for both of us because then I could enjoy the show and not look over beside me and see rolling eyes.

Obviously, Rachel and I look like models in all these pictures...