Friday, November 14, 2008

He's home!

1. Brennon's back! I'm such a baby when he's gone. I do ok for the first 2 or 3 days, then I just get grumpy. I'm so glad he's home for a couple days.

2. The fact that he was able to get home on an early flight. He was supposed to get on the 12:30 flight. That was full, or so they thought, and he call and said the next flight was not til 6:30 which would have put him home around 9. But, by some sweet little miracle, 4 people didn't show up for thier flight so the 3 Phoenix guys were able to fly home at 12:30. Yay for little joys like that.

3. Our lovely little date tonight. We had a picnic at Tempe town lake, rode the pedal boats, and went and saw a movie, which is very much like our first date. It was so fun and some much need Brennon-and-Danica-time.


Jenna Winters said...

yay that sounds so fun! I totally hear ya on the gone for the week trauma. i did for 9 freakin weeks and pregnant mind you :) but you seem like you are doing great, i was a mess!

Cara Fish said...

We're glad he's back FOR you!