Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Thanks Mom

My dear mother has tagged me to do 7 things that you probably dont know about me. Im gonna do it now because if I dont Ill keep putting it off. So here it goes...

1. I absolutly LOVE musicals. Newest favorite- Hairspray. Others include Newsies, Guys and Dolls, 7 Brides for 7 brothers and My Fair Lady. And I sometimes get mad at Brennon because he doesn't, even though I know only about 10% of the male population honestly enjoy a good musical, if that.

2. I went to every high school dance with a different boy. Our group seriously had a rotation system and stuck to it with a passion.

3. I eat certain foods really weird because it makes it taste better for me. Example: pudding- I put some on my spoon and lick it off backwards. string cheese-I try and make the strings i peel off as thin as possible. It drives Brennon CRAZY.

4. My shoe collection consists of 5 pairs of flip flops, 3 high heels and 2 tennis shoes. I am NOT a shoe person even though every Sunday I get so angry cause I dont have any cute shoes for church. But, I LOVE dresses and earrings and would buy one a day if I could.

5. Someday I want to own a quaint little flower shop and occasionally I want to be the delivery person. Whats better than seeing someone's face as they recieve a beautiful floral arrangement? There's this hospital that everytime I pass by it I want to make floral arrangements and go deliver them to random people. For me, pure bliss.

6. Ive been chased by the cops once. Yeah, Im cool. My friend and I saw this building under construction off the freeway and decided we wanted to climb to the top. We had to jump over a fence and 007-it to the building, hiding behind stacks of construction materials and heavy machienery. We got to the building and started climbing up the stairs when we saw this truck with a spotlight. We had to carefully go back down the stairs, while both of us were freaking out thinking we were gonna go to jail for tresspassing. I like to think we were in there on some secret mission and our goal was to get out alive. We then had to army crawl across this dirt field, hop over a fence and run across another dirt field. But this one had pokeies in it, as I like to call them. Ouch. I lost one of my flip flops but it was well worth it. Long story not very short, our car was parked right by where the guard was. So we devised a plan which consisted of booking it to the car and hauling our butts outta there. The rent-a-cop started chasing us but we eventually lost him. Or maybe he just stopped chasing us cause he knew he would lose. great night. Wow sorry that was long.

7. The way Brennon proposed to me was seriously better than anything I ever thought up in my mind. It was romantic, funny, beautiful and perfect. Cheesecake was involved. Anything with cheesecake and a diamond is bound to work out.

There ya go! My next victims are Kayla, Jenna, and Erica. Go crazy guys.

Brennon is famous.

So as most of you know we are out in North Dakota working for a company called Proalarm. Brennon is selling security systems door to door and I am the secretary. Anyways, a couple weeks ago Brennon sold to a lady who writes a column for the local Fargo newspaper and is an author of a book about the elderly. She of course fell in love with my dear sweet husband and wrote an article about him in her blog! So basically he's a local celebrity around here. Here's the link if you guys wanna read it. Just scroll down and look for an article called "Proalarm, a nice young man, and me."...


Friday, July 27, 2007

We found a home!

After much diliberation, we have finally found a place to live when we get back! Its called Pillar at Pecos Springs. It is on Pecos between Alma School and Arizona Ave, so pretty much a perfect location for us. Ten minutes from school, 15 minutes from work, and 10 minutes to my family. We love it and Im so excited to have a house I can decorate and get really settled into. And also, with this post, I've realized that I can't spell so excuse my errors. Here's some pictures of our new apartment complex...

Our Floorplan! I plan to fill the large deck with beautiful potted plants and hanging baskets of flowers.

Where I will be spending all my time.

Where I will be spending very little time.

Where Brennon will spend his time.

How I will get Kayla to come over.

How I will get my sisters to come over.

Where I will create culinary masterpieces.

You can expect to recieve an invitation to a housewarming party in late October. This is where we shall party and eat food. It will be decorated much cuter, don't worry.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Arizona is where its at.

Guess what? In only 3 weeks from today, we're coming back to beautiful Arizona! I can't wait to have a life again!

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

HOM Furniture discovery

Yesterday, on our way back from our daily Walmart trip, we stopped at this place called HOM furniture. Every time we would pass it before, we would say "We should go there sometime." but never have. So we pulled in and me, being the naive and HOM furniture-virgin that I was thought "Oh we'll be in and out in like 20 minutes." I was very wrong.

How do I describe this place...Its like Ikea: indimidating, scary yet completly alluring. We were the only customers in there and about every 5 minutes, we would get a different employee come up to us. The ratio of employee to customer- 12:1. This place has every type, color, texture, or shape of furniture that you could ever think of. It was 2 stories and there was a map to get around. They had FREE cookies and pop people. They had sweet poker tables and the bed that I want for my girl someday, complete with a princess canopy. Pretty much everything. Why don't they have these in Arizona I ask?

Saturday, July 21, 2007

One year ago, he was on a very long flight.

Another anniversary. Brennon's been home from his mission for one year! He went to Scotland and I met him a month after he got back. I remember he still had sort of an accent and when ever he would ask a question, his voice would go up and back down in one sentence. Its hard to explain but it was very endearing. So here's some pictures of his mission.

He's the one that doesn't look like he's from Utah.

Ive realized that Im not a very good blogger because Im not a funny writter so I just tend to post pictures and call it blogging. So I know its not very entertaining or fun but Im learning and maybe once I get back to school Ill remember how to write in an interesting way. Until then, bear with me.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

2 months...wedded bliss.

Today is our 2 month anniversary! So, i thought i'de celebrate by posting more pictures of the wedding. I know your all getting sick of them but please, let me live out this day for as long as i can. These ones are less cheesy i think.

Really big smiles.

I like this one cause it looks like my dad is coming with us on our honeymoon.

Pretty flowers.

We love this one cause eeveryone is looking at us except Grandma and Grandpa Fish. Ha ha

A spacial little man thong his friend made him

Look at Grandma's face! Classic.

Our mean faces.>

My friends Rachel was putting on Brennon's buitoneer thing and poked him pretty hard.

Monday, July 16, 2007

"Thank You's"

So this is what is basically consuming my life right now. I'm very thankful for what was given to us at our wedding but writting 250 thank you notes and trying to find all their addresses and making sure we got everyone has become somewhat of a daunting task. Im almost ready to rip them all up. Almost.
They're cute though, huh. My parents made them for us, so I wont rip them up.

Luckily, while doing this, I have been able to finally hop on The Office bandwagon and watch season one and two. I can now see why everyone loves it so much. I am in love with the Jim/Pam thing. Brennon and I are now obsessed with it. Something good has come out of these thank you's, besides telling everyone thanks.

Saturday, July 14, 2007


Ok, sorry i haven't posted in a while. This is not because of a lack of time, more of lack of material. But here's our new apartment! Its MUCH nicer than Minnesota. We really like it. Hopefully we'll get something like this when we get back to AZ.

Our kitchen, dining room and laundry room. Its a little hard to get around the table but other than that, good size.

The only decoration in our house. My mom sent me the family sign for my bday. Gives it a more homey feel.

Our VERY plain bedroom.

One word: Adorable. This was at our reception and i just came across it.

Just a cute picture from our wedding that i found while looking through all 600 of them. I love this one because its Brennon's real smile which was a little hard to get in front of the camara. Cheesy?

Oh, so we want to get a puppy when we get back to the valley. Its pretty much all we can talk about. Any suggestions of the kind we should get? (Keeping in mind we will be in an apartment for a while. )

Friday, July 6, 2007

The 4th in Fargo

For the 4th, We went to Moorhead University to watch the fireworks. I had pretty low expectations partly because I wasn't in Heber and partly because there football field where we watched them was the size of my high schools'. But it turned out to be really good! The fireworks were awesome and the weather was great. The only thing that was not too great were my picture taking skills.

These are our four friends here Lindsay, Jim, Kathryn and Garrett. A man with an awesome fanny pack took this picture.

I tried like 10 times to get a good fireworks picture but this is the best one i could get. I almost missed the finale because i was trying so hard to get a good picture.

Now these pictures are discusting. I was just amazed that we could take 4 pictures and none of them look even remotly decent. I think Brennon might have been sabatoging(sp?) my attempt to get a good picture.

Are you drunk honey?


weird lines

probably the best one. sad.

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

My Birthday.

So as some of you may know, yesterday was my birthday! Im officially out of my teens and married. (How did this happen?!) :) I dont really have any pictures of what we did, unfortunatly. (Im still getting the hang of this whole blog thing-gotta document everything!) So I will just give you an account of the days events... Read on only if you have a good ten minutes to spare.

8:00am- I woke up and Brennon sent me back to bed.

8:30Am- Brennon woke me and led me half awake into the kitchen where there was flowers, waffles, eggs, and rice krispie treat cereal!(my favorite) Oh, and a very cute card.

9:00Am-12:00PM- Just hung out around our new apartment.

12:30pm- Took Brennon to work and headed to the mall where i bought a few things with my bath and Body Works gift card. Also, went to Target and bought another season of Friends. Help me. Im addicted.

4:30pm- Found a AMAZING store called Plato's Closet and proceded to try on a bunch of clothes i didn't need. I tried on about 13 items and bought one skirt. Be very proud.

6:30pm- Went home and painted my toenails and watched an episode of Friends.

8:00pm- Left to go pick up Brennon on a street corner. My poor husband.

8:30pm- Ate at the amazing Olive Garden courtesy of Mike and Kathy (Thanks!)

10:00pm- Arrived home and watch an episode of Friends.

10:30pm- We go over to some friends of ours apartment to "get back the movies they barrowed" and Brennon has so very secretly organized a little suprise party for me! How cute is he! There was just 6 people there, including us. But it was a rockin party with cake and candles and presents and ballons! And our 4 friends, Garrett, Kathryn, Jim and Lindsay.

It was so sweet of him to do this because it was sort of a weird birthday for me. Its the first I've spent away from my family and not in Jo City/Holbrook. But he really made it so great for me. Im convinced he's the best husband ever!! Oh and if you were wondering, we watched another episode of Friends when we got home.

Monday, July 2, 2007

The past week in pictures.

Here is the office i spend about 25 hrs a week of my life in. Its kinda dark, sorry, we need a new camara.

The cutest little kitty i got to babysit while I was working. She was a litttle annoying cause she's only 2 weeks old and always wants to play and whines alot. But just look at that face!

Another one.

We found this weird catapiller thing on our door the other day. It had a tail! Brennon thought it wasn't real and that it was a bomb and that out door was gonna explode. Someone's watched a few too many action movies.

We got to go to the Minnasota temple on Thursday and do a session! It was awesome and SO beautiful.

Look im domestic! I made homemade chocolate chip cookies. They were dang good if i do say so myself.

Brennon dropped his toothbrush in the toliet. Ha ha

We went and saw the new Die Hard movie on Saturday. I was a bit skeptical at first but I have to say it was one of the most intense movies Ive ever seen. We loved it!

What are these you might ask...well, ordinarly they are scrapers for our George Forman Grill. But yesterday they were wonderful eating utensils. We moved to Fargo, North Dakota yesterday and realized that we left all our utensils in Minnasota! And I had already put a lasagna in the oven when we found this out. So, being too lazy to run to the store and get utensils, we used these to eat our lasagna. And what a sight it was. I guess it was better than our hands.