Sunday, November 16, 2008

Loving the weekend.

1. I'm so grateful for my adorable nursery kids. Yes, I'm in nursery. And I actually kinda like it. Imagine that. I do wish that Brennon was in there with me so he could see all the cute things they do. It a fun calling and an added perk: if I forget to eat breakfast, there's always lots of snacks for me to munch on.

2. The pretty flowers Brennon brought home for me on Friday. They are Fall-ish and make me happy when i walk in the door.

3. Sunday afternoon naps. I'm not really lacking in sleep right now but its so relaxing to take a little nap in the middle of the day. I guess I just better enjoy it while I can.

4. The wonderful night we had last night with the King's(the family I nanny for) and my family. We had yummy steak, delicious pumpkin cheesecake, funny conversation, and a game of Cranium where Brennon and I lost terribly. We were not on our game last night. But it was a great night and I'm so grateful for good friends.

5. So i had to do this online assignment yesterday that was really hard cause I had no idea what I was doing. It was about html, making websites, and Java Script (!). So I worked really hard on it and much to my surprise, I got 100%! I was really proud of myself and grateful that I had the time yesterday to do it well.

6. Oreganos yesterday. Pesto pizza, pablo pacasso salad, and pazookie. The 3 delectable p's.

Random note: So Brennon has a real hard time saying no to kids selling things at the door. And we've had 3 in the past 2 days. He bought a magazine subscription from the first one and I had to put my foot down when it came to the cookie dough. He reluctantly said no and walked in looking all sad. It was cute. Then this adorable little girl came to the door with her mom selling her homemade doggy treats. She gave us an adorable little sales pitch and we were goners. We don't even have a dog and we bought some. So if you have cute kids and there doing fundraisers, DO NOT send them here cause were obviously suckers for that. Were gonna run out of money.


Kristal said...

Oooh, number 6 made me want to go to sleep for 3 days til this cleanse is over! WE're doing Oreganos on saturday though...yay! Um, yea, we buy everything anyone sells too! We've got a cupboard FULL of rootbeers and other drinsk because the seniors sold them this year and we love the youth around here, and we've got 4dz cookies coming this next month and a box of oranges and 2 magazine subscriptions (which makes a total of 9 for us...9 freaking magazines!). Yea, it's hard to say no. Good job on your 100%...Jaden gets 10 $1 bills for every 15 100%'s he gets...luckily, he still hasn't gotten 15 in the last 3 months. ha! But let's start keeping track ofyours. We'll give YOU 10 $1 bills!

Vonda said...

We are getting 2 dozen krispy kreams on Sat am because of those wonderful kids selling door to door:-)

Fun times Saturday night!

TrishlovesDanny said...

hey sis..... can you tell your mom to add me. I think it was exactly 8 months ago that she threatened me and told me to start blogging ASAP. Well I have and I need to write her :) Will you give her my address? Thanks hun! and yes we need to have a reunion. Once jenny and i fidn someone to host our joint baby-shower we will let you know when that will be. Know anyone interested? :) love ya!

EEK said...

Love you blog.

Your mom lock me out of hers...tell her to let me in or i'll post pictures of Joe City.