Thursday, November 6, 2008


1. The Office! That show is quite often the highlight of my day/week. Its pretty much the only TV we watch during the week and it never fails to make me laugh. I just wish it was an hour long.

2. Shirts at Target that are 3 dollars! Yes, that's right 3 dollars. I love there 75% off racks, they bring me joy. I can feed my shopping addiction without draining the bank account (too much).

3. The fact that my in laws, grandma and auntie Kristal are coming into town tomorrow! I am so excited and grateful to be going to Time Out on Saturday with all them plus my mom, Cara, and I'm sure lots of other random people. Some much needed girl time and some spiritual upliftment as well.


lindsay levi said...

I LOVE The Office!! Especially the episode in Season 4 where Dwight and Andy are dancing and singing "Whoo Hoo Whoo Hoo!!" when they beat the online orders. Stinking hilarious!

Vonda said...

This is Vonda Buttlicker saying Amen to the Office - "can you speak louder, louder, LOUDER?"

debrajo said...

Hey, Danica! I love the Office, too. Dwight is probably my favorite character. He is so awkward! I'm adding you to my blog list, okay?!