Monday, November 3, 2008

Halloween 2008

We now have a two year tradition of going to the State Fair on Halloween night with Cara and Evan. Its pretty much awesome. Cheaper price+No lines+few kids+greasy food+fun rides=a good time. This year we added Cara's cousin Candice and her husband Troy to our fun tradition
and had a blast./

We decided to be cheap and make Brennon sit in the back so we wouldn't have to pay for parking 2 cars. I don't think he minded it too much.

The Fair!

This is by the Ferris wheel that went on FOR. EV. ER. We spent the whole time taking frightening pictures that no one shall ever see.

Except for this one. Cause its funny.

No fair experience is complete with out a little fried food. I chose deep fried cookie dough. Brennon apparently chose my head.

This is the ONE scary ride I will go on. It freaks me out so much that when I get off, my hands are shaking SO bad. I can only handle it once a year.

I'm also pleased to report that Brennon went the roller coaster with me! I was quite excited about this since he never does. He claims he gets "sick", but I think he's really just a little scared.

The boys also rode the mechanical bull which was very entertaining. I never knew I married such a ham. He had everyone laughing with his theatrics. Cara got a video of it but I don't know how to get it one here at the moment.

We also thought it was hilarious to randomly break out into dancing throughout the night so those videos need to be on here as well.

All of us at the end of a fun night. We tried to use the self timer but it didn't work out too well so we found someone to do the honors.

We had such a fun Halloween night!
And my 3 things for today...
1. Cancelled class tonight! I now get to sit and watch a movie with my hubby. :)
2. How great my job is. I am so grateful for the wonderful family that I nanny for. They are so fun, considerate, and the boys are just plain adorable. They are such great parents and the best people to work for and be friends with!
3. Wearing shorts in November. Can you believe it? Most people don't like it, it doesn't feel like fall, blah blah blah. But I love it. I hate being cold. I'm defiantly an AZ girl through and through.

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Jenna Winters said...

Every time you say something about your job I can't help but think how similar ours are. I have a perfect family too and they are so accomodating to my schedule and needs. The kids are amazing and parents just like my friends too.(and give the BEST gifts!) And they would give me paid days off all the time too! Very similar if you ask me :)