Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Sad day...

Brennon just left til SATURDAY on a work trip. I'm not very happy about this. I don't think I would be a very good hunter's wife or army wife cause I can not stand it when he leaves.

Well... maybe this is the first time.

But I can already tell it's not gonna be fun. Anyways, just felt like doing a bit of complaining. I'm sure you'll hear alot more of me in the next few days. The combination of no husband and no job will leave plenty of time for blogging. The silver lining...

Friday, March 21, 2008


This was on my aunt's blog and it is so beautiful. A photographer wanted to capture the life of Christ in real photographs and it is some of the most moving pictures I have ever seen. Check it out....

Friday, March 14, 2008

Spring Break

Last weekend as you know we went snowboarding. On this trip we realized that we are not really that into snowboarding/skiing. It was fun but we weren't like "Wohoo! Snowboarding!".

We got there right when it opened and went down about 4 times and we were done. This is partly due to my traumatic experience...

So usually we just go up the lift that takes you about half way up the mountain and go from there cause I know the trail. But since all the runs were open we decided to go all the way to the top, something I have never done before. I am shaking on the way up, not because I am cold but because I am scared out of my mind. I'm a wimp, I know. Anyways, we get to the top and and Brennon tells me to just stay on Sidewinder the whole way down. Easy enough right? So I'm skiing down and it gets to a T in the trail and Sidewinders' up to the right and I accidentally went down so if any of you have skied, you know its pretty impossible to go uphill. So I think it probably should meet up somewhere along the way. So I go down. About 2.5 seconds after I make this decision, I get this knot in my stomach when I realize maybe there are not green runs (the easy ones) all the way down the hill. So at this point I'm freaking out. Then I see a lodge. The run ends at a lodge. I then ask some hard core girl if there is any way to get to the bottom from here. She smart-allecly says "Not unless you wanna walk".

I seriously considered it.

Then I break open my trusty map and try to pull it together. I have to go back up to the top, which I wasn't really sure it even led to the top, and find my way back down. By myself. So, I get on the lift, by myself, and check the map again. I am shaking and almost crying at this point, thinking I'm gonna have to go down a hard run to get to the bottom from where was at. I took off my gloves to check the map and try and hold my poles all at the same time. So something had to give.

It was my glove.

It plummeted to its death, never to be seen again. This is when the tears came.

Well, it turns out I didn't have to go down a hard run the lift took me right to where I had "missed my exit", so I took that and ended up safely at the bottom, where Brennon had been waiting for me for 15 minutes. Besides a frozen hand and a bruised ego, I was fine. But done.

Luckily, Brennon was done too so we went to the car, ate our lunch, and headed back.

Here's a few pictures of this momentous occasion.

The evil mountain of death.

Since I don't currently have a stable job right now(anybody need a nanny??), I decided to go up to Jo City where my family was going and where all the fun happens. But Brennon couldn't come cause someone in this relationship has to be responsible I guess. It was the first time being married that we have been apart for a night. My family got pretty sick of me mentioning my husband that I missed on a daily basis. It was only 3 days so I survived. Here are some of the highlights of the trip-

We did some Hip Hop Abs. My mom and Breea were also there but this is the only picture I have. Yeah, go ahead, laugh it up. Who'll be laughing when I have rock hard abs?

Uncle Jason barbecued chicken and Kristal and I made it pretty. Your mouths are all watering huh.

We played a hard core game of volleyball. My mom and I were an unstoppable duo out there. That's me looking all sporty in the middle, probably about to spike it or something.

Another night we had a delicious dinner at Kristal's. I just thought the table setting was adorable and look at grandma's cute face.

The cute kids table. The ugly kids table not pictured.

We also did some singing around the piano which was lovely.

And he's just plain cute.

Breea and I also went with Kayla and Kristal to take her senior pictures. Yeah, she got the looks in the family. It was pretty funny trying to find cool places in Holbrook to take pictures. If any of you have been to Holbrook, you know what I mean. But Kristal could take pictures in a dumpster and it could go in Vogue.

We weren't really dressed to take pictures but still a cute picture of half my sisters.

So that was it. Kayla, Breea, Mom, Grandma and me all drove to Payson on Wednesday to meet Brennon to take Kayla and I back home. We ate at Chilies where we ate one of the most delicious deserts ever, The White Chocolate Molton Lava Cake. I thought it was fantastic, no one else really did. Seriously, amazing

This weekend we did basically nothing, which was great. Not looking forward to going back to school tomorrow, but I guess life must go on. Hope everyone's Spring Break was awesome!

Oh and I don't know if this video will be funny to anyone but it was hilarious in person. So, i guess, enjoy!

Dogs getting to know eachother

Friday, March 7, 2008

I'm glad you were born.

Today is my wonderful husbands' birthday! He is now the ripe old age of 23. Were leaving out of town in 20 minutes to go up north to do one of his favorite things...snowboard! He loves it and looks forward to our once a year trips. I will ski a few times down the mountain, then sit in the lodge and drink hot cocoa. I don't have time to do a proper birthday post for my hun but I will when we get home. I love my Brennon! And I love this picture of him too.

Go to my mom's blog to get a better post! Love you babe!!

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Are you getting sick of all the weddings yet?

Me niether.

In the past 2 months, 3 more of my friends have tied the knot. I guess its the thing to do these days.

One of my best friends, Lisa, from high school was the first. I got to go to the weddding which was so fun and sweet. Even though I don't know him all that well, I could totally tell they are so perfect for eachother and it was that happiest I have ever seen Lisa. I think glowing would be the correct term.

This weekend there was my friend Malia's. She is one of the craziest, funest girls and definatly keeps our group laughing. Her Bachlorette party was last Saturday and was a blast even though it onlt got to stay for an hour. Don't worry guys, the bottles are just root beer.

Thats her with the crown, laughing.

Sorry its sideways but I dont feel like changing it. This is a Malia's reception this Saturday. Her dress was to die for and the whole reception kind of had a laid back country feel complete with sunflowers and adorable jars of candy.

One of my favorite things about all these weddings is that it gets all of us friends together. I LOVE seeing all these girls and wish it were more often! Some are at NAU, one's in Hawaii, some in Anthem so its so fun when were all here.

And the last one is Mckenzie. She didn't get married this weekend but a few of us drove to Anthem for her bridal shower. Our mini road trip was fun.

Ok, who does he look like to you??

James Van Der Beek from good ole Dawsons Creek that I was obsessed with for a while. Did I say was? I meant am.