Thursday, June 26, 2008

Shopping endeavors.

So I am kind of in love with this little store called Plato's Closet. Its a "previously owned" store, kinda of like Buffalo Exchange or Last Chance, except its the cheaper of the 3. Its filled with Forever21, Express, Gap, Old Navy, Hollister, American Eagle and even has some designer jeans for way cheap. It mostly all in good shape and there is always a TON.
Anyways, I may have mentioned this before because I have been in love for quite some time. But sometimes I forget about it and then go running back, begging for forgiveness. I promise I will never leave you again, dear Plato's.

I have been very much bored because Brennon has been out of town since Monday. And when I get bored and lonely, I shop. It comforts me. But I am a bargian shopper so I justify it that way.

Back to Plato's. I went there yesterday just to look, maybe buy a shirt or two. I end up trying on like 25 items. I narrow it down to ten. And narrow it down some more. I end up purchasing 5 shirts, one dress, and 2 necklaces all for...........

35 bucks!

Yeah, be impressed. Three of the shirts and the dress are Forever 21 and 2 are from Express.

I was pretty excited about this. Just pretend that you are.

Anyways, just wanted to share. Its on Alma school and Warner. Be prepared to search and spend a couple hours there.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Ah...... Danicas H.S. buddies

The cutest girls ever

I miss the olden days when these cute girls graced my home

and eat all my food

Come back


Friday, June 20, 2008

Come back!!!

My sister Kayla has been on tour with Light for like 2 weeks and I want her to come back! I miss her! I don't know what I'll do when she goes to freakin BYU.... Maybe I can convince her to stay this year. Or get a boy to. That would probably be more effective.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Dad's day!

Happy fathers day to my daddy, William Randall Guttery, AKA Bill.

He is, I must say, the best dad out there. He has lived in a house with 7 girls and he actually enjoys it (most of the time).

He is one of the hardest workers I know. He is always serving people or looking for people to serve or talking about serving people.

He always supports us in everything we do. He would stay up late with us working on school projects, get us up early and help us some more. He was at every recital, every game (ha), and every school function.

He loves his family and would do anything for us.

He has a special place in his heart for his mom. She can do no wrong in his eyes. We like to tease him about it but it's really sweet and I hope my boys are like that.

He never sleeps. Really. I don't know how is is walking sometimes. My favorite ongoing quote for my dad- "It'll run it's course". This is what he say whenever he's sick or has something wrong.

He is so great to my mom. Even after 22 years of marriage, they still like to cuddle and they are always doing things for eachother. I can only hope to have a marriage as wonderful as there's.

He would always take me on Daddy daughter dates and those we be like the highlight of my week. He would also take me to work with him alot and take me out to lunch. He is the funniest person to be around and is so funny!

He makes AMAZING BBQ chicken.

He puts up with ALOT.
He is always positive about everything. I'm sure he probably just laughed when Tessa spilled water all over him here.

He's such a people person. Everyone who knows him has the highest opinion of him. He would do anything for anyone.

He has been Bishop or in the Stake presidency for alot of my life and has been such a great example to me in the gospel. Even if he would be up til 1 waiting for me to get home, he would still be up at 5 in the morning for all his meetings. That's dedication.

Hahaha. I just like this picture.

hahaha and this one.

He is so great with kids and has a soft spot for babies. I can't wait to see him with our kids. (His grandkids! Does that freak you out dad?!)

This is my parents wedding announcment picture. I had to take a picture of a picture so sorry about the glare but I had to put this on there. I'm likin the purple.

This is one of my favorite picture of the wedding time. This is when we were leaving after the reception and he just couldn't let me go yet. He always makes me feel so special and loved whenever I talk to him and I know I can call him for anything.

I'm sure there is a ton more I could say but I'll stop myself right now. I love my daddy!

I also have a fabulous father in law. I was so blessed to marry into the family I did. Brennon is the wonderful man he is alot because of his dad. Mike is a hard worker and I have never heard him complain about anything. He works at the power plant up north and has overhaul where he works like 70 hours a week a few months out of the year. He has the greatest attitude and is always quietly serving people. He s a man of few emotions, much like the man I am married to but he everyone who knows him can feel that he loves them. Everyone likes him and his sense of humor is quietly hilarious. He is always willing to help us with anything, like our taxes this year and our road trip last summer. He's a great dad and a great husband! Thanks for raising such a great guy for me!

Oh and this a little piece of my mom's blog talking about my wonderful dad, i think on his birthday. I thought it was really sweet and it perfectly describes him. I'm so glad I have such great parents that love each other so much! ...

"...He has so much love for EVERYONE and that is so attractive to me. He's not a real romantic guy, not sentimental and sometimes forgetful with special dates, but he is a constant in this quality of LOVE. Everyone is important to him and you wont hear him say a mean word about anyone, a true word, maybe, but not mean. In our dating days I remember going to the rest home his Grandma Randall was living in. The moment we walked in he was taking care of her. First he asked her if she needed help with her hair and he brushed her hair for a long time. She said "Dont be afraid, a little harder". I think she liked a good scalp massage, he must have got that from her. Then he helped her with her make-up, but he had me when he flossed her teeth. I know, sounds gross, but he was very thoughtful and humble. I also remember when I went to the singles ward with him for the first time and there was a family (the only family there) and they had some little children. We had just sat down and one of the little girls came to him and he picked her right up and held her the whole meeting (it could have been a set up, but it worked). At first when we were dating and would go to a drive-through, I noticed he REALLY talked to people, asked them how they where, if they liked their job, did they have any extra fries hanging around. I thought he was a good flirt, but the more I went places with him, I realized it does the same thing with old men, young boys, moms and really anyone. When we got married my family imediately bonded with him and it was almost like I was the in-law. He's known to honk at anyone and everyone. The kids use to let it annoy them, now they honk and wave at anyone too. He's still the same way, people say to him "you must be running for mayor" (which is a whole other story), but he does want to talk to everyone and let them know he loves them. I feel the same way about people, but he has a special way of making other know he means it. I love how nothing is impossible and he always looks for the good in things. He is the most possitive person I know anywhere, and its helped me, through the years learn to look at life through different eyes. Ive said it before, when Im upset or down, I can now fake myself out of it by being possitive. I love learning from him and I know I really got lucky when Bill Guttery asked me to spend our eternities together."

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Roughin' it.

We have been doing quite a bit of camping this past month. Well, more than I have ever done in my life. Our trips MAY have lasted less than 24 hours each, but I think that is what made them fun.

We could have fit another bag huh.

We went with Cara and Evan AND there two dogs, Maggie and Sophie. I'm not a huge dog person but these dogs are very lovable. Except for the fact that Sophie kept farting the ENTIRE TRIP. It was pretty hilarious. And nasty.

Sophie is pretty much his new girlfriend.

We went to a lake right past Thatcher and Safford, I can't remember what its called right now. But it was fun and the weather was pretty nice. This the boys setting up the tent and me watching. I like to be as helpful as possible.

The food has got to be one of the best parts. We brought a Grill-to-Go which is basically the best thing ever. It made camping taste good. We brought tons of food and of course ate it all.

When it started to get dark, we retreated to the tent and played some games. Brennon just wanted to go to bed.

At about the crack of 5, the dogs were barkin like crazy and come to find out, Cara and Evan have gotten about 2 hours of sleep because of the dogs. As Cara was trying to put Sophie into "submission", Brennon yells, half asleep, "Finish her!" real loud and it was basically the best quote of the trip.

So, we got up around 5, very unwillingly and started breakfast. It was deliciousness.

Question: Why do the containers for tents NEVER fit the tent back into it? What is the point of that? It seriously took all 4 of us to get that stupid thing back in there. Well I was just taking pictures, but still.

Anyways, it was about a 16 hour trip but a fun one at that.

Our next Camping trip was this past weekend. We went with Kristal and Jason, their kids, and the Biddle family, which we met once we got there.

I always forget to take a picture of our tent, but just use your imagination.
We hung out, had some yummy Hobo dinners, and told ghost stories around the campfire. It was pretty sweet. We purchased an awesome air mattress so we slept like babies that night. Then we woke up and the boys went fishing at the lake. We hung out and made a fire without matches, because we are HC (hard core) like that. I was in charge of breakfast and made a white trash breakfast which entails throwing every breakfast food into tin foil and cooking it in the fire. The first batch was good but the second batch....I don't wanna talk about it.
Then we took a nap.
After that, we decided to go on a canoe trip (from heck). We piled me, Brennon, Kristal, Jason and there 3 kids into a regular sized canoe. I was sure we were gonna tip. We traveled for what seemed like FOREVER while singing obnoxious songs to the nearby fishers. We finally got to this beautiful green belt. Kristal and I layed out while the boys fished. I have never fished before so Brennon wanted to teach me. Yeah....I lasted about 3 minutes. Fishing is boring.

Me in action.

3 minutes later.
Brennon, unfortunately didn't have too much luck in the fish department.

The kiddos. Cute little Boston bum.

It was gorgeous there and even though the weather wasn't so great, it was still fun.
Then we got back into the canoe and started the journey back. The wind wasn't our friend so it over an hour to finally get back to shore. Good times.

Then we got back and hung out some more and had dinner. Then we left. Except for the wind, it was an awesome trip! Hopefully we can go again soon!