Friday, July 17, 2009

And I'm back.

None of my usual excuses, I just haven't been in the blogging mood for about oh, 3 months, but I think it's about that time. Time for a summer update...

First stop, Orlando for our anniversary

Cute little town we drove to with overpriced everything

Orlando Temple, our Sunday activity

I love big trees.

So the reason we even went to Orlando was because we got this time share thing and it was a good deal...we learned our lesson. We got verbally harassed by the sales guy and yelled at in front of a crowd of people. Apparently, they frown on just going for the free stuff, like tickets to Universal, cheap hotel room, and a meal pass for the entire day!

Scary, in more ways than one.

We only used a water camera cause it was raining THE WHOLE TIME. Hence the awful pictures and the even more awful ponchos. Overall the trip was fun, a little too wet for my liking, but still a good time.

Next stop, Coronado Island

We decided to take a day trip over to Cali and go to our favorite spot- Coronado Island! Unfortunately, we are stupid and forgot to check the weather- trying to be spontaneous here people! So all I brought was what I was wearing-a sun dress and my bathing suit underneath. And it was like 60 degrees with NO SUN! So we rode one of these around, (and I use the term 'we' very loosely) ate a delicious cheeseburger, walked and walked and walked (like the pioneer children), tried to buy me a sweater for under 30 bucks, had an awkward encounter with a salesman, didn't look for a sweater anymore, caught the ferry back to San Diego and got on the last flight home. So needless to say, I was freezing all day so this is the only picture you get.

Next Stop, Up North (Show low, Holbrook, Jo Town)

The Fish's were first- we ate delicious birthday cake and enjoyed the lovely scenery/weather.

LOVE their backyard.

Next was Jo Town for the parade, (AKA, all the town children walking or riding their bikes down Main Street.) Pretty fancy.

Then on to the Jo Town festival thingy, where chickens are chased, snow cones are eaten, and much fun is had. Oh, and also Danica gets ditched about every 10 seconds because Brennon knows everyone in this town and has to talk to them. And attractive picture are taken, like this one.

Next, on to Heber for the BEST FIREWORKS SHOW IN THE WORLD!!! I get a little bit excited about it. I just love it- the food, the weather, the people, the AMAZING FIREWORKS! See how excited I am?! Kinda like Brennon in this picture...

Next Stop, the great state of Utar! We went up for Brennon friends wedding reception, which was much more like a nice picnic, so no pictures of that. On to more important things!

We got to meet this little chuck of love, Claire Julliette Park. I love her with all my heart.

And of course the whole Merchant gang as well! Look at all those red heads! They kicked us off the lawn about 5 minutes after this picture, dang temple security.
Claire liked me alot, so she pooped on me. But I did not care, even her poop was cute!
Then she had to get all nakey, and is there anything cuter than a unclothed baby!? I think not.

Can you even HANDLE how cute this is!?

I just love that round face.
Our camera ran out of batteries while we were frantically snapping pictures of the babe. So no pictures of Mel belle. Claire was the focus of the day, for obvious reasons.
Thanks for meeting us Mel, if you ever get blogging and actually read this! :)
So that's basically the last few months in a nut shell. We were going to be going to Scotland at the end of this month, but sadly it didn't work out. We have no dollars. But were going to Hawaii instead! Its less than half as much as Scotland would have been. We are so excited and love all the traveling we are getting to do!
I'll try to not make it 3 months til my next post. Really, I'll try.