Sunday, November 2, 2008

Haloweeeeeeen party

So Rachel and I decided we wanted to throw a Halloween party about 2 weeks ago. Living in the mansion, I thought why not. This will most likely be our only Halloween for a veerrrry long time in a house this nice so anyways.... here's some pictures.

Appearances made by:

A flapper and a gangsta.

An amazing chicken costume HOMEMADE by Bethany

Some hippies, a ref and a black cat.

Hugh and a playboy bunny

Cute V-ball star.

70's couple and Lil' Red Ridding hood & her big bad wolf (in some cute pjs I might add)

An Office couple.

Dog the bounty hunter (?) and Obama w/ his nun wife.

And now for the decorations. I hit about 5 bazillion dollar stores and thrift stores that week and spent lots of time on Martha finding ideas. We work ALL day on this and I think it turned out pretty awesome. I don't think the pictures do it justice personally. :) I borrowed stuff from everyone and their mom, literally. So thanks to everyone. I also had lots of help from my mom, Rachel, Kayla, Emaly and of course Brennon.

Spiderwebs, bugs, rats lining the floorboard, LOTS of candle light, and a ton of spooky stuff.

We hung out and talked, played a fun game, ate, talked some more and a few couples stayed to watch The Birds, which proved to be a little more cheesy then scary. All in all a great night but I'm not sure if I'm ready to commit to it being an annual event! Whew!
And now my grateful list of the day:
1. A hilariously funny Family Home "Morning" today. Seriously, we were in tears. I have the funniest family ever. We decided to go around and each say one thing we are grateful about each one of us. It proved to be a little more silly and a bit more like a talent show than anything else. But it was FUNNY. Lets just say dance moves, a 3 year old wink, and some blonde airheads.
2. The laziness of Sundays. I almost always get to take a nap which is one of my favorite things. I love just being able to hang out with family and just relax. Ahhhh.
3. Stake conference. It was cool knowing that everyone in AZ was hearing the same thing and that we were able to here from the GA's more than just at General Conference. I loved the talks and had an added bonus of going at 1:30 instead of 8:00.

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Taralee and Trace said...

That thumb pretzel is AMAZING...yet kind of disturbing.
Love your outfits and I love it that you guys BOTH dress up willingly! :)
I'm not going to lie...I'm a halloween grinch!!