Thursday, March 5, 2009

Globe Trotters, well U.S. Trotters

Spring has sprung! And so have the daffodils.

So I've totally been on the outs with my blog if you haven't noticed. Except for the backgrounds; I like to change them cause there pretty and they make me happy.

So we moved! Big shocker there since that seems to be our hobby since the wedding day. This is our 5th move in our year and half as married people and darnit, it has just been a blast. Never really getting settled, never decorating, not to mention the awesome time we get to spend lugging our crap up a flight stairs. Good times.

Not bitter at all.

We DO actually really like our apartment. It is quite the adjustment from the Mansion to the apartment but on the upside, I do feel safer when I'm by myself because theirs no huge, scary, bare windows. And there's a gym that I may use a couple times.

We have had some fun in the past months amidst all the craziness. We went to South Carolina/Georgia a month ago cause it was free and Evan and Cara were going. And we like them. It would be great if I would have brought our camera, glad we bought the thing. We went to the World of Coke in Atlanta and our travel companion, Julie, had her camera so we got some pics there.

We tasted random Coke products from around the world and...

Saw a 4D movie that punched me in the back and sprayed me with water.

Then, for Spring Break we went to Washington D.C.! It really was so much fun. We stayed at the Jones Family Inn (Thanks, Tamee!) for 5 lovely days and saw basically everything DC has to offer. My parents came too, doubling the fun.

So here's the part where I tell you everything about the trip and show you lots of amazing pictures, in no particular order cause im too lazy to figure that out.

On our way to a fun filled day in the city!

My adorable cousin Taryn (Tar-bear) Oh and sorry about the dates on all the pics. It is bugging the crap outta me but I don't know how to get them off! Maybe Brennon will help me with that.

Brennon being a Neandrathal. He sorta fits the part.

Look at those eyes! Lovely cousin Kendall.

Museum of Natural History, but really should be called Museum of Taxonomy. Just a bunch of dead stuffed animals on display.

Some of the crew at the Taxonomy museum.

Honest Abe.

Where they do the changing of the guards at Arlington

Arlington. And the umbrella I'm obssesed with.

View from Robert E. Lee's old house.

Some tom-foolery at the Mount Vernon gift shop. We were too cheap to actually take the tour, much to Dad's dismay.

So the little man you see in front of Hiroshima? That's Flat Stanley. He accompanied us on our trip and insisted he get his picture taken in front of everything. He's so bossy.

I just love these girls. And Garrett, but he was very busy.

This little Garmin Nuvie was our best friend on this trip. Obviously Stanley was pretty fond of her too.

My favorite house we saw. Like, I want to live here, if it wern't for the cold weather and the fact we have no money.

Important documents. In this room, it is extremly stressed that no flash photography is allowed so mom and I were very worried we would accidently let the flash go. Well right as were observing the Bill of Rights, taking in the history, some women (mom) just let her flash go. How rude. She was so embarrased we had to leave right away.

One of the many "Rotundas"

D.C. Temple- It was FA-rezzzing. Not New-York-at-New-Years freezing, but cold all the same.

Contemplating at Jefferson memorial.

The back of the White House

Stanley popping in again.

Cutest couple ever.

Seen enough of the White House yet?

This is Dad and Brennon trying to make me happy at the Air and Space museum. For one, I was at the Air and Space museum. For two, Brennon forgot to charge the battery to the camera.

Me being super awkard as usual. Maybe we should have looked about 2 feet over cause there was where the wall stopped. Dang it.

Cute picture tho.

Resting in the calm Botanical Gardens.

Aww seesters..

And we'll end with this beauty. These are the BEST CUPCAKES in the history of the WORLD! I think about them daily.

So that was our trip in a {large} nutshell.

Not pictured: Falling asleep to a movie every night on the Love Sack, great breakfasts by Tamee, amazing pasta place, being very very cold, beautiful drive up to Mt. Vernon, the National Archives, lots of layers, getting lost ALOT, visiting the National Cathedral, walking through a rally, seeing lots of cool old buildings, visiting Grand Central Station, and generally having a splendid time!