Thursday, September 11, 2008

Girls night.

Last week, a bunch of us girls all got together at Paradise to catch up. I just love these girls and the fact that even though we dont see eachother all that much, we can still talk and laugh like the high school days. I have to say that I feel very lucky to have had such great girl friends in high school with little to no "catiness".

This picture is slightly akward because we were using a self timer. And the funny part is, everyone wanted to get one so we had to hold this pose, outside of Paradise for about 10 minutes while all the pictures were getting taken. It was quite the ordeal.

Then a few of us wanted to go see a movie so we decide on Mama Mia, which I had seen and loved. It's definatly a movie that grows on you. In the movie theater we had these girls behind us who were obviously a little drunk, which Im sure made the movie alot better. They were a bit loud which made the whole experience quite interesting.

Sorrry for the revealing nature of this photo, not a good picture. Anyways, such a good time and I hope we can make this a monthly tradition! Oh, and thanks Jenna for the pics!

And on a side note, we just bought tickets for Wicked that comes next summer! I am so excited, although I can't say the same about Brennon. But I have the soundtrack playing around the house so I'm pretty sure he'll be into it by next July. Anyways, just had to share my excitement.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Ohhhh, no.

I just had to post this. So I don't see Brennon in the morning really cause he leaves at the crack of dawn soooo, when he got home from work, I was very surprised to see this...

I said Ohhhh noooo. Bad idea Brennon.

I know it's a really goofy picture but it shows you how he felt about the whole thing. Very proud of himself. He was growing out his scruff for only 3 days. He's my hairy man.

After this picture, I promptly made him shave it off.

And this is just a picture of my first assignment back at ASU. I'm doing my upper division education courses right now and lovin it. Our first assignment in one of my classes was to make a name tag that described ourselves. I love being in classes where it feels like I'm in 2nd grade again.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Ok, ok.

"Blog-lazy" would be a good way to describe me the past month. Not a lack of material or lack of time. Honestly, I think about posting almost daily but I get distracted very easily by the evils of craigslist or sometimes I'm just content to blog stock. But tonight I have got the urge to actually post, soooo, I'm going to try to sum up the past month (or two) in one incredibly long post or possibly a couple posts. So here we go.....

Lets start with the 4th of July/my 21st birthday.

First, a scary picture of me. I call it the 'I'm 21 and really excited about wearing a pointy hat' picture.

We went up north to Jo City/ShowLow, as most of you know. I love this tradition and think of the 4th as my second favorite holiday, right after Christmas of course. I just love all the fun stuff going on, the traditions and of course having my birthday right around there isn't all that bad. I love being able to be with all my family on my birthday. I kinda like my birthday, ok?

Anyway, we spent the day trying to find something to do, which can take all day in Jo town, and then we went to my (used to be) favorite mexican restaurant up north. El Ranchos. The service was sloooow and the food, not as good as normal. But I still got to wear the sombrero so thats all that matters.

After all that fun, we went to the most happin-est place in Holbrook; Alco. This place has cured many bored day with its rack of magazines and interesting customers. Like him-

He and his friend needed some money, but instead my dad offered to buy him some a hamburger and fries at McDonalds. He said "How bout a steak burger?" and after that was met with laughter he said "How bout a number 4?"

Then we went back to Grandmas house, hung out , and ate this-

It was delish.

The next day, we headed up to Show Low to hang with the Fish's. We met them at the Showlow parade which was verrrrry exciting.

I would have been ok with it except for the immense amount of horses in it. I'm not a fan of the horses. Most of you know they sorta scare the crap outta me.

Then we went and took Fish family pictures, which were long overdue. And the turned out very nicely thanks to April (and her assistant).

This one was supposed to be our "Band" shot. Its pretty freakin hilarious.

Then we went to another Mexican food place and ate. Then we came home to....

Mike and Kathy's 30th Wedding Anniversary Surprise 70's themed Party!! (whew!)

That was a mouthful.

We, meaning Evan, Cara, Trevor, Brennon, and I, along with many cooperating aunts, uncles, sister, moms, ect., put together a little party for them. It turned out really well and I wish I had more pictures from it. Sad. But it was really fun and they actually had no idea it was coming! Go us!

I do have this scary picture that looks like I'm pregnant, but I'm not, I assure you. It was just a Savers/70's costume attempt gone terribly wrong.

I'm sorry you had to see that.

I also have this in the moment shot of Mike and Grandpa Fish.

Later, I got another birthday cake which was also delish.

That night, we headed over the the Heber for the best fireworks show EVER! Seriously, I look forward to this every year. The Tenney's house is the perfect spot to watch them and it is always sooo good to see everyone. The fireworks are like right above you and the canyon makes them echo. Really, its the greatest thing ever. Ok, I'll stop obsessing.

This is the only picture i have from this blessed night so thats all ya get. Sorry. Oh, and I'm also looking a bit prego in this picture, but again, I assure you, I am not.

Ok, I was gonna do more but I am sleepy so this will have to do. Mexico is comin up next!