Monday, October 27, 2008

Halloweens gone by..

So I have been looking through some old pictures and in the Spirit of Halloween, and for your enjoyment, here are some of the gems I discovered.

My revealing Bam-Bam costume. I remember my parents giving me a plastic club as a prop. I also remember me misusing it.

Wow. Well, I think our family did the Wizard of Oz theme this particular year and I obviously drew the short straw, quite literally.

My 6th grade year as an Egyptian/Greek person. I remember thinking I looked so pretty that year.

I believe this was Freshman year. Katie, correct me if I'm wrong, as you are the cute fairy in this photo standing next to some scary goth freak. Celeste, what were you?

And this was 2 years ago when Brennon and I were dating. We got to my parents house and threw some costumes together. As you can see, Brennon was a pimp and I was his army ho.

And last but not least, our first Halloween as a married couple. Brennon was gladly a nerd and I am a biker chick. And when we got to our ward trunk or treat, none of the adults were dressed so we felt pretty cool.

I wish I had some of Brennon's old Halloween pics so Kathy, if you have any, let me know. Especially if they are embarrassing.

This years costumes coming soon...

Happy Halloween everyone!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I like us.

I kinda love this.

This was when we were dating so it makes me happy everytime I see it.

We got a scanner so I'm pretty excited about that. I know I keep promising posts, but as soon as this crazy weekend is over, you are gonna get some fabulous old and embarrasing pictures that must be shared. Until then, ta ta.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Scentsy Party!

Just a quick little post to invite you all to my Scentsy party next Saturday. I've never really done a party like this before, like Gold Canyon Candles or Mary Kay or anything like that. But I really love this stuff so I thought it would be fun and more of just an excuse to see everyone. And why not while I'm living in a mansion? So, I would love for any of you to come, blog stockers (if I have any?), friends, friends of friends, family, everyone. Just come get some yummy snacks and check out there awesome stuff. Oh and if your thinking, What the crap is Scentsy??, basically they are really cute ceramic warmers that are super safe and last alot longer than regular candles. There wickless and there are like 100 different scents. Anyways, just check out the website cause I'm no good at explaining things...

Party Details:

"My" house (email me for specific directions): Its on Greenfield just south of Ocotillo
in Circle G.
Time: 11AM-1PM, Come and go

Date: Saturday, October 25th

Your welcome to bring a friend or two!

My email is if you have any questions or need directions.

Thanks, hope to see ya all there!

(Real posting to come, promise!)

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Things I would post about if I had the internet...

  • My madres birthday celebrations
  • Our temporary house (that I pretty much love)
  • New crafting endeavours
  • How ecstatic I am for Halloween, Thanksgiving, and most of all, Christmas.
  • My cute boys that I nanny and love to pieces
  • A billion other things we did this summer that I was too lazy to blog about

But alas, I am without the precious source of online goodness. Hopefully, within the next week it will grace us with its presence. But for now, blogging from work will have to do.