Monday, April 13, 2009


Look at me, I'm posting less than a week after the event! This is exciting people.

Easter was a fabulously fun, relaxing day.

The treats I made.

My awesome aunt, 2 of which are preggo! So excited to meet them.

Egg hunt Extraveganza!

Cutie Kendall. She wasn't too concerned about the photo session I was wanting.

After the eating frenzy, everyone collapsed and watched good ole' Spongebob.


Grandma did a fun question-asking game for awesome prizes. I don't know why she wouldn't call on me...

Finding the egg I hid deeeeep in the bush, she was so proud.


The extremly attractive couple.

Me trying to distract them from going out too early to the easter egg hunt by taking a picture. That only lasted about 4 seconds.

Model shot of Kam. Work it girl.

The whole gang watching the Hunt.

The weather was beautiful and the company perfect! Such a fun day!