Saturday, June 30, 2007

Ghetto Fabulous

So think i have failed to mentioned how truly ghetto our apartment complex is. Now i dont mean to complain, that is not my intention with this post. I actually find it quite amusing and one day will look back on this and laugh. Your supposed to live somewhere on the lower end of the spectrum cause now the only way to go is up! When we first arrived, I was wowed by there 2 swimming pools and other seemingly lavish ammenities but we have come to find that these ammenities are only a cover up to hide the true nature of Springbrook Apartments. No, really its not that bad, we are actually really greatful for it cause its super cheap. But nevertheless, glad to be moving. As we are going to Fargo tomorrow I thought I should share where we have been living the past month or so.

This is where I layed out the other day. Scenic huh.
The pool is indoor and to the left.

This is our front room. It makes me really excited
to be able to decorate one day.

Dining room, kitchen and hallway. I can fit it all
in one picture!

The bedroom. I actually really love our bed spread
we picked out and the furniture is not too bad.

Our bathroom. I let Brennon pick out the shower
curtain- anyone under 3 dollars i think. And look,
he forgot to put the toliet seat down...

Our hallway that smells of smoke and curry.

There are TONS of geese and ducks which is cool.
They are pretty mean tho and if you get too close,
they'll hiss at you and try to eat your feet. Not nice.


Kristal said...

HOLY CRAP! ok, our frist 2 apartments were decent apartments...we didn't have a dining room table, we had a sheets, no boxspring, no frame...this woudl ahve been lux to us. But then when we did finally get a bed, and tamee's hand me down dining room table (that you helped me repaint) we were in the ghetto...for real. We were the only white...well, I was the only white girl for miles. Trust me, the only way is NOT up from there...

Trevor said...
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Trevor said...

I don't think it looks too bad. I lived in more ghetto apartments. You should have seen my first one. It was pretty ghetto. It was furnished and my bed sucked. One night the mattress slid off the box spring cause I rolled too far to one side and I slid right off and put my knee through the floor to ceiling window that was right next to it. Fun stuff. Management didn't believe me when I told them how the window got broke. Will your new place in Fargo be nicer? Well, I hope you two are having fun!

dani said...

ok, ok so maybe its not that bad. And MAYBE im a little spoiled.

Kristal said...

Yes I do believe spoiled is the word Trevor and I wanted to say, but there you said it for us...just wait, you'll probably have at least one more rough place before you get a nice home. It's an adventure. You should have seen the place we lived in in Thatcher....I loved it because it was thatcher, it had no dishwasher, no counters, no washer or dryer, all brick walls and the neighbors slept from 9am-4pm and partied the rest of the players! It really is fun stuff to look back on...enjoy it and take lots of ghetto life pictures