Friday, June 22, 2007

I can't wait...

So Kristal tagged me once again and I have to, i mean get to do a top ten of things i "can't wait" for. So here it no particular order.

1. I cant wait... to be done with school! This is about 4 or 5 years and lots of money down the road but that will be SO nice.

2. I can't wait... to be back in Arizona and in a apartment/condo of our own. I never thought i would get homesick but alas i am. I just can't wait to have our own place that i can decorate and have all of our own stuff...wait, that was kinda two. oh well.

3. I can't wait... to be a teacher! Ok I know, such a morman girl thing to do but its alot more practical than a florist and i think ill love it even more.

4. I can't make Brennon watch all the Harry Potter movies. He hasn't seen ANY! Can you believe that!? Were gonna do a marathon. Well, I have this image in my mind of this happening but who knows if it will. It doesn't matter what time of day it is, both of us fall asleep through movies. It took us 2 seperate nights to finish Happy Feet(which we don't recommend)

This picture is uncomfortable and funny and sorta creepy. The caption that went with it was "Harrys' all grown up"

5. I can't wait... to have a cabin with a hammock. But more importantly, a hammock. Ok ever since the Hatch's cabin got a hammock, i have been in love. I love just laying on the hammock with a blanket reading or just swinging. And for our Honey moon, we went up to this cabin up north and low and behold there was a hammock. I don't think any cabin is complete with out it. Thats me in the picture by the way.

6. I can't be done with this list.

7. I can't wait... to have babies. Well I definatly CAN and WILL wait but I am really excited. The actual having it part doesn't really apeal to me but just look at the aftermath!

Hope you don't mind Kris but i just love this picture!

8. I can't wait... to live in a small town and a nice house. We haven't really worked out the all the details yet but thats the plan.

9. I can't wait... to see that new penguin movie that just came out. Im hoping it will make up for happy feet being such a let down. There's a line in it that makes us crack up everytime. Now i can't remember it. Dang it. Its funny tho trust me.

Im a sucker for penguin movies.

10. I can't wait... for my sisters to grow up and get married and for us all to be best buds. Then my little 'i cant wait' world would be complete.

So thats im tagging Cara and Vonda(now your double tagged, you better do it)


Trevor said...

Are you talking about the line in Surf's Up that they play on the previews? "He's a dirty trash can full of poop". LOL! I laugh everytime I hear that.

dani said...

YEAH! Thats the one! ha ha ha I love that line. It is hilarious the way that little penguin says it.

Anonymous said...

Good ones. That adorable baby looks a bit dead in that picture tho, I must admit. That's how he used to sleep. COME HOME FOR THE PARTY TONIGHT!!! WE MISS YOURE STINKIN LITTLE GUTS!!!!!

Erica said...

I HATED Happy Feet. It was creepy. Surf's Up is better, but still kind of "eh."

And I can't believe Brennon hasn't seen any HP movies. This is a travesty. I'm glad you're bringing him up to speed. Currently I'm making Zach read all the books, and now we are HIGHLY anticipating the release of HP and the Order of the Phoenix next month. Like we're going to the first midnight showing.

Jenna Michele said...

dani i freakin love you and i cant wait till you guys come back so we can play and our hubbys can bond!! i love you and miss you!!!!

dani said...

Hey Jenna! How was the honeymoon?? That is freakin crazy that you are married!! I am VERY excited to get back to AZ! Cant wait to play and hear about the wedding! Love ya!