Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Good Ole' Council Bluffs

We really wanted to stop at some church sites along the way, but we passed the one that we would have really liked to have visited, which was Winter Quarters, Neb. So we came to good ole' Council Bluffs and we decided to stop. The Church history site at Council Bluffs was only a Log cabin. But the log cabin was the site of a general conference in the early days of the Church. It is where Brigham Young was sustained as the Prophet of the Church. It was not the most exciting place we have ever been to but it was still cool to see. There was a really boring couple who ran the visitors center. The Sister talked alot. But they were really nice. "Bless their hearts."


Kristal said...

Bless their hearts! Good times, good times. I've never been to a church site. Well, I've been to lots of church websites.

Kathy said...

Wow touring church history sites! Are you an old married couple? (JK) We miss you guys but we are glad you're doing okay!

Love, Dad and Mom Fish

Trevor said...

Nice blog! I like all the pictures. Maybe you can stop on the way back and get the rest of the welcome signs. Hope you two are having fun!