Friday, June 8, 2007

7 things I LOVE!

So Ive never got tagged before and now it happen twice at the same time! Cara and Kristal! Im sure that Im gonna copy some of theres cause I think Im a little like both of them but here it goes...maybe Ill make brennon do it too. (these in no particular order)

1. Brennon. I know, were newlyweds so i have to say that but really he is so amazing. I can't believe I got someone as wonderful as him. He makes me so happy and being married to him has just been an awesome adventure. Yes the whole 3 weeks. I love more him than I could ever imagine.

2. My parents. I think the reason I am able to love so much is because of them. My parents brought so much love in our home and I really had the coolest house to grow up in because of them. Sometimes my friends would just come over to hang out with my parents! I appriciate that much more now than I did then and I hope I can be the "cool" parents when I have teenagers. They are the best examples to me of everything that I want to be in my life.

3. My many sisters. I love being the oldest of 6 girls. Yes, we did fight about clothes and bathroom time, but we have so much fun together. Im so excited to be able to see them grow up(because we ARE coming back to AZ) and for them to become my best friends.

4. My girlfriends. Its so crazy being one of the first to get married out of your friends. But Im glad it was me cause now I can just kick back and help all of them with there weddings! I truly love my friends so much. Life get busy and things change so much but its so nice to know that you've got some awesome girls to always be there!

5. Music. I was raised with music in every form all around. Whether it was piano lessons or just singing and dancing in the kitchen, music has been a big part of my life and I love it! I esspecially love teaching kids piano and blasting music in my car. A good song can totally change my mood and get me dancin! (not very well i might add, those who have seen me dance can attest to that)

6. Just life! Ok, this isn't a cop out cause I cant think of anything else. Really I love life! I love all the funny random things that happen, the coincidences that you know were not coincidences, the times where you laugh so hard at nothing, the ups and downs, everything. I dont mean to get all deep or anything but I love the fact that we are able to experience all the great things and the not so great things that life offers. Yeah this is really broad. But it brings me to number 7...

7. Christ. He is why all these 6 things are possible. Also, i dont want to seem fake or all mormon but He really is the thing I love the most. The gospel brings the most happiness and joy into my life and I am just thankful to have it.

Ok well I was thinking "who should I tag?" and then I realized oh yeah NONE of my friends have a blog except kristal and cara. So maybe this will just inspire those who read this to GET A BLOG! or maybe not....whatever.


Kristal said...

I'll attest to your silly't not's just silly. I love it! In fact, I'm putting that on my list, "dani's danicing". And way to go with the Christ one. I'm a big loser with my priorities all screwed up! I'm feelin the same way about "life" right now too. It's good. Even though things keep breaking down, and we are flat broke, life is good! Umm, ok, I failed to see Aunts on there, I'll go check again just in case I missed it, but speaking of getting priorities all screwed up...HELLO!!!!

dani said...

Ok well I put you in the "friends" catogory and in the "sisters" catogory cause your sorta like both! Does that clear things up? But wait a minute, I don't see nieces on YOUR list!...

Kristal said...

yeah, ditto, you're there with the "sisters" and also with the photography....since I've offically taken more pictures of you and bethany than anyone I Know

Anonymous said...

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