Wednesday, September 26, 2007


I need a new job. Any suggestions?


Jennabalenna said...

im so sorry girl i hate that when you want a new job. i was there for a long time when i was nannying for the crazy gold canyon candle lady and i was to the point where i was desperate and then i got soooo blessed when i heard about the job i have now. just pray and ill pray for you. i love ya girl. sorry if thats deeper than what youre goin for hahaha but this is coming from a girl who was suffering of the bad nanny job syndrome if you cant tell! anyways i did have one suggestion call marcee foster cuz i dont know if she found someone since i left them.

HancockFam said...

My most favorite job every was working at the power plant, but since you don't live here that won't work. My second favorite job was working at Kiddie Kandids. I absolutely loved that job. I love taking pictures & I love kids, so it was a great job. Not the greatest pay (I think like $9/h) but it was so fun, and now that i have kids I rarely take them to a studio because I know all the poses and tricks to cute pics. That's my suggestion :)

Vonda said...

Dad and I are thinking: Wilderness Survival Guide
Personal Upper Body Trainer
or maybe a preschool teacher of 20 pooping 2 year olds!

dani said...

Thanks guys. Jenna, i know what ya mean about bad nanny syndrome. Its so hard to find a good family thats not crazy. I would do nannying cause it pays bank but Im kind of sick of it. Ive been doing it the past 3 years. I really want to find something in the eductation field since thats what im going into but they all pay crap. like 8 bucks an hour! Freak.
That would be fun to work at a picture place, all the kids always lok so cute. I dont have much talent when it comes to photography tho. Oh and thanks mother. I know I can always count on you for sincere, kind advice. :)

Burgess said...

I think if you're looking for part-time and want to make lot's of money, be a server. I have been for 5 years and the flexibility is great, the money is great, the hours are good (not too many). Although, instead of just getting sick of kids, you're sick of all people in general. Well, not all, just the stupid mean ones. But, you could seriously work 25 hours a week and make $1200 a month. Just a suggestion.

Kristal Mulder said...

a mom!

Ok, no really, you should be a server. I'm always jealous of my friends that do that. They make great money!!! But I also laughed histericaly at "upper body trainer!" I'd pay ya some money to just SEE that!!!