Thursday, September 27, 2007

Happy Birthday Mom!

Happy Happy Birthday mommy dear!

Happy days will came to you all year.

If I had a wish then it would be...

A happy happy birthday to you from me!

Today is my dear sweet mothers' birthday so I thought I would do a top ten favorite things about her post. (In no particular order)

1. Pretty much all of my favorite memories of her and I involve food in some way. My freshman year, we would go to Baja Fresh weekly and spend a couple hours eating our huge plate of nachos and conversing. Cookies, brownies, a great musical. Good times.

2. She LOVES teenagers. Now how many people can say that about there parents? She always invited my friends over and I would find this out from them! Haha I think most of my friends like her more than me. Esspecially the guys. One friend said that song "Stacies mom" should be changed to "Dani's mom".

3. She makes the best faces. Im talkin ugly people. I will never compare no matter how hard I try. My favorite is the curled lip under the gums. Classic. The fact that she does it with such confidence is what makes it so great. I can only do them in the mirror, all alone. With the doors locked.

4. Despite the talent for making ugly faces, she is GORGEOUS. Really. Just look at that picture! Oh, and by the way, people say we look alike.

5. She really taught me to love music. Some other favorite memories include dancing and singing in the kitchen, all singing show tunes around the piano, and her displaying her Joseph City High cheers. Something everyone should see at least once.

6. She is an awesome wife. She NEVER talks bad or complains about anything, even when though she's been bishops wife for many years of there marriage and loses him pretty much all day on Sunday. She is constantly serving him and wanting to make him happy. Hopefully some of it rubbed off on me.

7. She is laid back and patient. I think that is a requirement with such an estrogen-filled house. With the constant drama that is the Guttery house, she takes it like it is no big deal and handles with one thing at a time, something that is way hard for me.

8. She is a problem solver and easy to talk to. I have to talk to her everyday or it feels like something is missing inmy day. I remember in high school when I would have some boyfriend issue, I would almost always go and ask what she thought I should do. She really was and is concerned about my little stupid problems or secrets. I found that I usually should have followed her opinion when I didn't.

9. She is FUN! If you couldn't already tell from the above statements. She is always up for a good time. As a teenager she would take my friends and I TPing or any other havoc we wanted to reek. Actually, she usually suggested it. When she's around, you know your gonna laugh til your stomach hurts.

10. She LOVES the church and taught me to love it. Her strength is something I hope to have one day. She has given all her kids (and is still giving!) them an example of a unbelievably great women. I am so lucky and blessed to have her as a mom!

This list probabaly doesn't do her justice but at least the attempt was made! Love you mom and I hope you have a fabulous day!!


Kristal Mulder said...

K, I can attest to the awesome kitchen dances and cheers. No one can do it like Von. She is seriously an amazing all around woman. I look up to her in EVERY aspect of my life. Honestly, I think it at least twice a day "what would Vonda do?". You're a lucky gal to have such an awesome mom! Oh, and like you, most of my friends like her more than they like me too!!!

Vonda said...

OK you two, you have given me my yearly pep-me-up garbledegoop (I love that word)Thanks for all your kind words and I hope you dont mind that I copy and paste it on mine so I can have this in my book. Sweet stuff and I love you so much! Thanks for coming to dinner and the cookies and the free car cleaning!

Erica said...

Happy Birthday again Vonda! I love how close you and Danica are; as I sure you are with all your daughters. Mothers are the best friend a girl can have.

Have a fabulous birthday celebration, love you!

gmom hatch said...

great blogg Dani I love your mom too i love her never getting upset and staying cool no matter. And i love her togetherness with you girls. She the perfect MOM for girls.Shes a great example to you all.

dani said...

Grandma! So good to hear from you! I didn't even know you looked at my little blog. You really should get a blog. Yeah, my mom is pretty awesome. Good job raising her.

Amy John said...

Danica,I think your Mom is seriously one of the most coolest, nicest, funnnest, most all around awesome lady ever. The same could be said about your Dad, but change the word "lady" to "man"! Your parents left quite an immpression on me from the very first time I met them. Anyway, good post.

Andrea said...

Hey Brennon it's Tyson and Dre Miller. Dre saw your blog through April's so we like to check it out and see what's new with you and Danica. We're glad to see that you both are doing well. Check out our blog sometime to see what's new in Joe City

kAyLa GuTtErY said...

I Love MOMMY!!!! Danica . . . POST!!!!