Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Dear Blog and fellow Bloggers,

Im sorry I've been neglecting you. Working with 1 year olds has sucked the life out of me. I promise to have plenty of updates in the next few days. Again, truly sorry.

Kind Regards,


Anonymous said...

Dear Danica,

Your a neglectful blogger and for punishment, you should take your mom some Mesa Fro Yo (anything coconutie)and then I will consider forgiving you.

Your Blog

Kristal Mulder said...

Just come to Jase's party with lots of gifts in hand and we'll forgive you.

dani said...

Wow I didn't know forgiveness would be so expensive to require. I take it back.

But ill still come to the party.

And "anonymous". Lets just go together so you can pay.

Erica said...

Yay! Working with one-year-olds??

Jennabalenna said...

what is it that you do exactly?

dani said...

Yah, I'm working at a daycare/preschool right now. I work for a company that sends me as a sub, to different schools, wherever they may need me. It pretty much has taken the number of kids I want down by half. I am in a classroom with 13 one year olds and it is madness.

Its kinda funny how I dont blog but just write comments.

Anonymous said...

added to my rss reader