Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Thanks Mom

My dear mother has tagged me to do 7 things that you probably dont know about me. Im gonna do it now because if I dont Ill keep putting it off. So here it goes...

1. I absolutly LOVE musicals. Newest favorite- Hairspray. Others include Newsies, Guys and Dolls, 7 Brides for 7 brothers and My Fair Lady. And I sometimes get mad at Brennon because he doesn't, even though I know only about 10% of the male population honestly enjoy a good musical, if that.

2. I went to every high school dance with a different boy. Our group seriously had a rotation system and stuck to it with a passion.

3. I eat certain foods really weird because it makes it taste better for me. Example: pudding- I put some on my spoon and lick it off backwards. string cheese-I try and make the strings i peel off as thin as possible. It drives Brennon CRAZY.

4. My shoe collection consists of 5 pairs of flip flops, 3 high heels and 2 tennis shoes. I am NOT a shoe person even though every Sunday I get so angry cause I dont have any cute shoes for church. But, I LOVE dresses and earrings and would buy one a day if I could.

5. Someday I want to own a quaint little flower shop and occasionally I want to be the delivery person. Whats better than seeing someone's face as they recieve a beautiful floral arrangement? There's this hospital that everytime I pass by it I want to make floral arrangements and go deliver them to random people. For me, pure bliss.

6. Ive been chased by the cops once. Yeah, Im cool. My friend and I saw this building under construction off the freeway and decided we wanted to climb to the top. We had to jump over a fence and 007-it to the building, hiding behind stacks of construction materials and heavy machienery. We got to the building and started climbing up the stairs when we saw this truck with a spotlight. We had to carefully go back down the stairs, while both of us were freaking out thinking we were gonna go to jail for tresspassing. I like to think we were in there on some secret mission and our goal was to get out alive. We then had to army crawl across this dirt field, hop over a fence and run across another dirt field. But this one had pokeies in it, as I like to call them. Ouch. I lost one of my flip flops but it was well worth it. Long story not very short, our car was parked right by where the guard was. So we devised a plan which consisted of booking it to the car and hauling our butts outta there. The rent-a-cop started chasing us but we eventually lost him. Or maybe he just stopped chasing us cause he knew he would lose. great night. Wow sorry that was long.

7. The way Brennon proposed to me was seriously better than anything I ever thought up in my mind. It was romantic, funny, beautiful and perfect. Cheesecake was involved. Anything with cheesecake and a diamond is bound to work out.

There ya go! My next victims are Kayla, Jenna, and Erica. Go crazy guys.


Vonda said...

Sorry Im always the first to post, but I MISS YOU! I loved your list because a few of those are "me too's" I cant wait for you to own a cute little shop if you still want to do one together I want to put in fun accessories and chotskies! (I like flowers, but they die, did you know that?)

Kristal said...

Ok, I knew 1, 2, 5, 6 and 7! Good ones though...and I agree that brennon's purposal was the best (since it was so simular to someone else's purposal 7 years ago) Ok, and how comes neither of you tagged me?! I mean come one, we're the 3 bloggin amigos (I meang bloggin in a cuss word form right there) YOU STINK!

dani said...

Im sorry Kris!! I would have tagged you but i do every time and I thought it was time to spread the tagging joy to other bloggers...but you should still do it!! I still want to be the 3 bloggin amigos!

dani said...

Mom whats a chotskie??

Kristal said...

No, no, the moment is gone...forget about it...apology accepted...just get back here!

Whiting Family said...

You are married to one of my favorite people,(and cousins) and I hardly know you!!!! But what I do know of you I love! I hope that we can get to know each other better! Thanks for making Bren so happy!!!! April