Wednesday, July 18, 2007

2 months...wedded bliss.

Today is our 2 month anniversary! So, i thought i'de celebrate by posting more pictures of the wedding. I know your all getting sick of them but please, let me live out this day for as long as i can. These ones are less cheesy i think.

Really big smiles.

I like this one cause it looks like my dad is coming with us on our honeymoon.

Pretty flowers.

We love this one cause eeveryone is looking at us except Grandma and Grandpa Fish. Ha ha

A spacial little man thong his friend made him

Look at Grandma's face! Classic.

Our mean faces.>

My friends Rachel was putting on Brennon's buitoneer thing and poked him pretty hard.


Vonda said...

I vote you relive your wedding experience every month until your one year anniversary - its your "newlywed" right! I love our mean looks, not only does it show the large lips we have, but that beautiful curling iron burn I got that night before the open house - good stuff. Also, love dad trying to go on your honeymoon with you - cant give up his favorite guy spot.

Kristal said...

yeah, me too! We did something about our wedding every month after we got, until the wreck, so I guess just 3 months, but Jase did get me a rose for every month we were married, then a dozen on our 1 year anniversary, and for a few years, he got me a dozen for every year...but he lost the romance in Texas. Dang Texas..>DANG DANG DANG TEXAS!!!!!

The Epps Fam said...

I think it's great that you're reliving your wedding day! Whoever took your pictures, did an awesome job! Jim did something for me too every month for the first year we were married - like made me dinner, gave me flowers,bought me gum (?????). Anyways, keep on posting the wedding pics - they can never get old!

dani said...

Thanks for the support guys. I probably look at our wedding pictures like every other day. It makes me happy.
Mom-thanks for the large lips. I really appreciate it. Oh and i didn't even notice the culing iron burn.
Kris- Sorry about the lost romance. But hey youve got really cute kids so that kinda makes up for it.
Bethany- Thats cute that your hubby did that! Im really into celebrating little events, brennon...not so much. haha but he is learning! He got me some perfume and a pizza so thats pretty good. Im glad we've become Blogger friends! :)

Jessica Pease said...

Hey Danica,
you probably dont remember me but your mom gave me your blog at the 4th of july in heber so i had to check it out! you and brennon are pretty much the cutest couple ever but im sure you hear that alot! oh and also i was wondering if the red head girl in the pic with all your girlfriends is her name by chance Melanie? she looks so much like a girl i just meet in utah that is dating one of my cousins.. so i just had to find out if its the same girl.

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