Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The best trip ever!

....That's what I kept saying the whole weekend. It was such a fun weekend getaway! We decided to do something for our anniversary like a couple days before and just kinda threw it together. I really wanted to stay at a Bed and Breakfast but apparently you have to book those more than 3 days in advance. So we stayed at a Country Inn and Suites, which wasn't too bad. We left Friday afternoon and spent that night just hanging out at the hotel. Then we got up early-ish and left for Coronado Island. I am officially in love with this place. It is SO beautiful and the weather was so great. The only bad part about whole day was going over a massively long bridge to get there. I'm not a big fan of bridges. But other than that, I'd say it was a perfect day.

All morning, there was tons of fog by the beach so we rented bikes and rode around the island for like 4 hours. It was so fun cause we have never rode bikes together and it was such a beautiful place to do so. Everything is so green and pretty and the houses are AMAZING. Seriously, like every other house I was like, "Look Brennon!"

I got the pink bike, which I was very excited about.

The view from the island.

One of the pretty houses.

I was amazed that there were flamingos just hangin out at this really fancy hotel.

Brennon got very burnt feet. It was sad, but also hilarious. I'm sure you all wanted to see a picture of Brennon's feet.

The fog cleared up so we went to the beach. The water was freezing so I opted to stay on the beach. It was such a gorgeous beach, the sand even had like specks of gold in it. Maybe that's why every one's so rich there.

This face kills me.

I eventually got in the water and we also went down to where there was little tide pools. I found this awesome shell that actually was a crab. And this obnoxious kid stole it from me! I was not happy about this.

We left Coronado, sadly, and were trying to decide what to do. Then, we brilliantly decided to go to Sea World because they have this thing going on where if you buy a normally priced ticket, you get the whole year FREE! How great is that? So since the next day we would have to leave before the fireworks, we went to see them. They were kinda disappointing. But we also got to go to the Shamu night show. We made a very big mistake.

Don't ever sit on the 3rd row at the Shamu show. NOT a good idea.

I heart Shamu. Seriously, the whole time we were there, we were amazed at what they could teach animals to do.

The next day, we headed to Sea World again. I'm pretty sure we saw everything Sea World had to offer. Loved the sea lions.

Another tip: Don't sit on the 5th row at the dolphin show. I didn't think dolphin would splash all that much, but we got even more wet than we did at Shamu. One more tip: Always wear your swim suit to Sea World.

Brennon was such a good husband and went on the rollercoster with me, even though he gets sick on them. But he didn't get sick so that was good.

We also went on the water rapid ride and got soaked yet another time. I was so scared that the disposable camera that all these pictures were from was ruined because it got pretty wet. But somehow it didn't. Yay! Other good news- we found our digital camera under the couch! Yay again!

It was an amazing trip and now we are determined to someday have a house on Coronado. It was so great just to be able to be together all weekend and celebrate!


Char and Trent said...

You guys are tooo funny! Your mom left a commenton my blog saying we need to becom better friends because we are similiar. The more I read your blog the more I just laugh because we are the same. I read thru the 100 things about you and was cracking up because I am exactly the same as you!! Then I saw the picture of Brennon doing his sad face on this post and was dying laughing even more because Trent makes that SAME EXACT face and it makes me laugh. Anyways, there is a loooooong comment for you! I'll have to find out where you stayed in Coronado! It looks beautiful!

Vonda said...

When I saw the title "Best trip ever" I was so excited you were posting about our family trip to Utah.

Vonda said...

But you didnt even put anything about your second best trip ever - what the heck, was I on drugs, was it not a blast, was I in some dream land or something, or did you not feel the same????

Cait and Ben said...

Looks like fun!! I'm scared of Shamu after seeing what those killer whales do to other whales. If you ever want the truth just borrow the Blue Planet discs from us. Oh and congrats on finding your camera...we are still looking for ours :(

The Wouters said...

Hey Guys! It looks like you guys had a blast! You 2 are so cute together! You will have to tell us more about it!

lindsay levi said...

What a great idea to go on a weekend get away, anniversary or not! I'm so glad you decided to go to Sea World on top of everything else you had planned! So FUN!! Our family went to Sea World after Christmas last year, and I wasn't as "amazed" as I was when I saw everything as a little kid, BUT I still had fun and was also amazed at the whale's and dolphin's talents.

Oh, and, my Dad thought it would be HILARIOUS to sit in the SOAK ZONE during the dolphin show. He thought he was tricking us, but Cassie and I knew EXACTLY what he was doing. We actually didn't get wet and my Dad was so disappointed. Haha!

I seriously think you are the cutest thing ever and I LOVE reading your blog. So glad you had a good time!!

Amy John said...

How fun! I also love coronado and anywhere with the name California following it! You guys are too cute for words. I actually laughed out loud at that pic of Brennan! What was he doing!??

kristal said...

AWESOME!!!! I agree, too cute. Love your swimming suit. It it a tankini? And that face of Brennon's...yikes! I'll need to see that face in real life this weekend. Glad you guys got to do this. Married weekend trips are the best!!!! Just wait til this weekend though...we'll top that trip. Ok, we won't, but it'll be a good time!

Jenna Winters said...

hey i love that you guys celebrated the way you did! how fun. our anniversary is next week and i dont know what to do! we went to disney land twice last ear and sea world once so we are over that scene for now... i just gotta think of something quick! and i love your "picture overload" on the previous post... it was overwhelming but cute at the same time! :)

Tamee said...

Danny, love you but I really love Brennon. Those faces, and his laid back ways, remind me so much of a guy I spend a lot of quality time with. Looks and sounds like a fun trip. See ya all this summer. Yippy!

Kristen said...

It looks like you two had such a great time on your trip!! and I LOVE all of your pics from your first year of marriage, they are adorable! Sloan sure did do a great job!!