Thursday, June 12, 2008

Roughin' it.

We have been doing quite a bit of camping this past month. Well, more than I have ever done in my life. Our trips MAY have lasted less than 24 hours each, but I think that is what made them fun.

We could have fit another bag huh.

We went with Cara and Evan AND there two dogs, Maggie and Sophie. I'm not a huge dog person but these dogs are very lovable. Except for the fact that Sophie kept farting the ENTIRE TRIP. It was pretty hilarious. And nasty.

Sophie is pretty much his new girlfriend.

We went to a lake right past Thatcher and Safford, I can't remember what its called right now. But it was fun and the weather was pretty nice. This the boys setting up the tent and me watching. I like to be as helpful as possible.

The food has got to be one of the best parts. We brought a Grill-to-Go which is basically the best thing ever. It made camping taste good. We brought tons of food and of course ate it all.

When it started to get dark, we retreated to the tent and played some games. Brennon just wanted to go to bed.

At about the crack of 5, the dogs were barkin like crazy and come to find out, Cara and Evan have gotten about 2 hours of sleep because of the dogs. As Cara was trying to put Sophie into "submission", Brennon yells, half asleep, "Finish her!" real loud and it was basically the best quote of the trip.

So, we got up around 5, very unwillingly and started breakfast. It was deliciousness.

Question: Why do the containers for tents NEVER fit the tent back into it? What is the point of that? It seriously took all 4 of us to get that stupid thing back in there. Well I was just taking pictures, but still.

Anyways, it was about a 16 hour trip but a fun one at that.

Our next Camping trip was this past weekend. We went with Kristal and Jason, their kids, and the Biddle family, which we met once we got there.

I always forget to take a picture of our tent, but just use your imagination.
We hung out, had some yummy Hobo dinners, and told ghost stories around the campfire. It was pretty sweet. We purchased an awesome air mattress so we slept like babies that night. Then we woke up and the boys went fishing at the lake. We hung out and made a fire without matches, because we are HC (hard core) like that. I was in charge of breakfast and made a white trash breakfast which entails throwing every breakfast food into tin foil and cooking it in the fire. The first batch was good but the second batch....I don't wanna talk about it.
Then we took a nap.
After that, we decided to go on a canoe trip (from heck). We piled me, Brennon, Kristal, Jason and there 3 kids into a regular sized canoe. I was sure we were gonna tip. We traveled for what seemed like FOREVER while singing obnoxious songs to the nearby fishers. We finally got to this beautiful green belt. Kristal and I layed out while the boys fished. I have never fished before so Brennon wanted to teach me. Yeah....I lasted about 3 minutes. Fishing is boring.

Me in action.

3 minutes later.
Brennon, unfortunately didn't have too much luck in the fish department.

The kiddos. Cute little Boston bum.

It was gorgeous there and even though the weather wasn't so great, it was still fun.
Then we got back into the canoe and started the journey back. The wind wasn't our friend so it over an hour to finally get back to shore. Good times.

Then we got back and hung out some more and had dinner. Then we left. Except for the wind, it was an awesome trip! Hopefully we can go again soon!


Jamilyn said...

Looks like some great camping! Right now is the best and it gets you out of the hot valley!!!

lindsay levi said...

MAN! Camping looks fun! I haven't been in FOREVER. I absolutely LOVE your commentary on all your posts. You crack me up girl!

Misti and Stratton said...

If you guys want to try camping come to colorado. Sound like life is great.

Blake and Celeste said...

Camping is the best! Blake and I go camping as much as possible even when we are in school. You guys look like you are having a lot of fun!

kristal said...

Um, yes we are going again sometime soon...well, kinda. The whole Hatch family, the 3rd weekend in August? You game? Let's set it up and make it amazing...and make everyone ELSE in charge of food whilst we're in charge of bringing magazines and suntain oil! HC BABY!!! See ya next weekend??? We're going to swim at your mom's from about 2-6pm on Saturday, be there!!