Wednesday, May 21, 2008

100 things about yours truly

...Or just random thoughts from the brain of me. I still haven't finished the roll of film with the pictures from Cali so I decided to post this instead. I've been working on this for a couple of weeks now because I saw it on my sister-in-laws blog a long time ago and have been wanting to do it. I thought it would be easy but it turns out I'm not all that exciting. I had to stretch on some of these. Brennon thinks its a bit egotistical, but isn't that the main purpose of blogging, to talk about yourself? He doesn't blog so I don't consider his opinion valid on this issue. I do consider this perhaps, a fun little read for my future little ones. I'm fully aware that probably only my mom will get through all this. But, if you have some time to spare, go ahead and learn a little more about mu-uah.

Here it goes...

1. I love the color yellow.

2. I feel like I'm an organized person but not a necessarily neat person, if that makes sense.

3. I love to make lists. To do lists with little boxes next to them I can check off, lists of people if I'm planning a party, lists of how much I have left of get the idea.

4. When I was in junior high, I went through a phase where I would come home and for a snack every day, i would cut up a cucumber, put it in a circle around a plate, put a little salt, pepper, and Italian dressing on it and consume. Weird, yes.

5. After spending every night together for a week, the question I asked Brennon was "So, am I like your girlfriend?" Smooth huh. I'm sure he wanted to run.

6. I am currently obsessed with edamame, yummy and addictive soy beans with sea salt.

7. I talk in my sleep.

8. If i could pick a place to have a shopping spree it would probably be to Forever 21.

9. I've broken my arms 4 times. How you may ask? Horse, trampoline, monkey bars and roller blades. Never at the same time, thankfully. But now my arms' all freaky. It makes for a cool party trick.

10. Least favorite household chore-dishes. My poor husband definitely picks up my slack there.

11. Brennon and I kissed (technically) on our first date!

12. I love cute aprons but I am horrible at cooking.

13. In high school I was on the tennis team and actually went to regionals. But that was kinda just because we didn't have very many people on the team. I think I beat like one person. You all know how sporty I am.

14. If I could have any car in the world it would be a Mini Cooper. Ever since The Italian Job I have been in love.

15. I don't necessarily pride myself in having the best taste in music but I guess who's to say what the best taste is. I will pretty much listen to whatever kind of music except twangy country and metal. And scream-o.

16. I wear contacts and hate every moment of it. Someday, Lasik. Ahhh...

17. Drink of choice would be Dr. Pepper, especially if its been in the freezer for ten minutes.

18. I secretly really want to have a party where everyone wears their wedding attire. Mostly just because I really want to wear my wedding dress again.

19. I have kissed or been kissed by 14 guys, 2 of which I can't remember their names. How sad is that? And why did I just admit to that.

20. Brennon's count is 8 but to his defense, that was basically all the girls in his town that he wasn't related to.

21. Cereal of choice: Apple cinnamon Cheerios or if I'm going a little crazy, rice crispy TREAT cereal. yummmm...

22. I love getting mail. It's probably one of my favorite things. So, if you ever want to make my day, just send me something. Anything really, except a bill or credit card application.

23. I pretty much can't go through a day without talking to my mom.

24. Marriage is hard sometimes. Big shocker, I know.

25. That being said, this year, as our one year anniversary has just past, has been the most fun, exciting, and greatest year of my short life. And everyday really does just get better. I wouldn't believe people when they said that but I can see now that it's totally true.

26. I can't decorate or visualize things in my head. That's why I was given friends and family members who can.

27. If I could have one skill it would be to dance. I love dancing but as many of you know, it's not a pretty sight. It has more of a "cute" and laughable entertainment value.

28. Favorite accessory: earrings

29. Thursday nights are my favorite because my 2 favorite shows are on; The Office and Lost.

30. I have a towel thing. I hate using a towel that is a little damp to dry off. So there is inevitably 20 towels hanging over our door by the end of the week.

31. The movie Newsies made me fall in love with Christian Bale. Batman then confirmed the love.

32. Tyra Banks is annoying but I find myself sometimes watching her show. Like a fly to a light bulb.

33. I love planting things. I think I have mentioned this before but I seriously think everyday about the lovely garden I will have someday and I'll be able to go to my backyard to get our veggies for dinner or spices for a meal or a beautiful fresh bouquet of fresh flowers.

34. We all have irrational fears. Something that will most likely never happen or in my case probably has never happened. My irrational fear is when someone puts the butt of there cigarette out the window and the little ashes come and go under my car, that the heat from the ashes will somehow reach the gas in my car(Or the gas on the ground) and light my car on fire. Yeah its pretty ridiculous. But seeing that little butt coming out the window never ceases to scare me.

35. Wow, I'm getting kinda sick of this...

36. I enjoy reading people's blogs and waste, I mean spend, a lot of time doing it.

37. I haven't legally changed my name yet. Even though my mother in law got me this nice little packet that has all the paper work in it and I basically just have to fill it out and go downtown to the office thingy and hand it in, I still have not done it. It's on my lovely to do list with the box sadly still unchecked.

38. I love writing and receiving notes from people, especially my hubby. I guess its the junior high girl still inside me.

39. The furthest place I've ever been from AZ is Florida and the Virgin islands on a cruise with my family.

40. I would LOVE to go to Europe, especially Scotland and Italy, and also Australia. Maybe someday.

41. I am deathly afraid of horses and probably freaked out this blind date once by almost refusing to take the carriage ride down Mill because of the massive horses. I gave in but I had to sit as far away from them as possible. Needless to say, I never saw him again.

42. Once in high school, my friend Emaly and I decided we wanted to try all the flavors of Ben and Jerry's ice cream. So we made a list and checked them off every time we tried a new one. We never finished but I'm hoping, one fine day, it will happen.

43. I love to bug Brennon. He is a man of few emotions so I have to work really hard to get him fired up, so I feel pretty accomplished after I've done it.

44. I used to work at Jamba Juice and I liked it for about the first week.

45. I have a special skill. I can memorize song lyrics like no body's business. My friend Rachel is about the only one that recognizes this skill so I like to hang out with her.

46. On the subject of Rachel, she has been one of my best friend since freshman year but we never went to the same school. We attribute that to the longevity of our relationship. She is such an amazing friend and we have many a good times together. And now our husbands are friends! How fun is that?

47. I changed majors 3 times before deciding on education. First I wanted to be a music therapist, then I wanted to get a political science degree (What would I have done with THAT??)

and then I wanted to be a florist, which will still hopefully happen someday.

48. I have a love/hate relationship with Walmart. I hate it because its trashy and it smells weird, but it's hard for me to resist the low prices and friendly greeters at the doors.

49. I have gotten pulled over 3 times and only got one ticket. Oh the power of women...

50. Half way done!!

51. I love big trees and want to settle down in a neighborhood where trees line the road and hang over it. I don't know if that exists in AZ but if it does, I will live there.

52. I loved pretty much every thing about my wedding, except that Brennon was sick on our reception night. Everything else, pretty dang perfect.

53. My parents worked so hard the yard to get it ready for the wedding. I can remember my dad being out in the yard til 11 PM and my mom inside with me keeping me sane. I have the best parents.

54. Right before I got engaged, I was excepted to be an EFY counselor at NAU. Then I got engaged.

55. I did get to be a counselor at the mini session in Snowflake and it was SO much fun.

56. I have been "clubbin" once in my life. It was a funny experience.

57. Isn't funny when your sitting in class and someone sneezes and like everyone says "bless you" almost in unison? This happened like everyday in one of my classes but I was the only one who thought it was funny. Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

58. I got mostly A's and a few B's in high school until my stupid government teacher wouldn't round up my 79.5 to a B. I'm still a little bitter.

59. I hate blowing my nose in front of people.

60. I've read about 4 books in the past year, 3 of them being the Twilight books, yet I could spend hours in Barnes and Noble.

61. I'm trying really hard to love my calling in the cub scouts.

62. I cry a lot. I mean A LOT. Like I cried when Brooke White got kicked off American Idol. And just the other day, I cried during an episode of Friends.

63. I used to work at Bashas in High school. Me and my friend Melanie both got a job there and one night, when we were closing together, we thought it would be fun to steal all the donuts and cakes that were expired that we had to take out to the dumpster. So we devised this plan which involved her driving her car around the back and me throwing the bags in the back seat as she drove by. I laughed very hard that night.

64. I absolutely hate blow drying my hair but I can't go a day without washing it because it gets greasy. The curse of thin hair.

65. I am loving being able to get in my car at 8:55 and making it to work by 9:00. My job is awesome and I get my baby/kid fix!

66. The little boy I nanny loves Bob Marley. Keep in mind, he's 2. I have the best job ever.

67. I also have the best family in the world, both sides. How did I get so lucky?

68. I wrote faithfully to a missionary for 2 years and didn't end up marrying him, but I don't regret it at all. It taught me a lot about myself and the gospel.

69. I cannot for the life of me keep a pair of sunglasses. They either are broken or lost within one week. So I now buy 5 dollar glasses so I don't feel as bad when something happens to them.

70. I love shopping except when I'm looking for something in particular.

71. I've been to 12 states, 5 of those just this summer.

72. I'm a flip flop girl, I only wear heels when absolutely necessary.

73. I was the ball girl for the Suns when I was 12 and the gorilla guy picked me up and ran me around the gym with me. I felt so cool.

74. I wish I was better at sending thank you notes, like Grandma Doris.

75. All of our furniture in our house is hand-me-down except my piano that I got for graduation.

76. I LOVE my piano. We got it from this old couple my senior year for pretty cheap and its really pretty. Someday I want to have a cherry wood baby grand piano. I literally hyperventilate when I see one.

77. I love love front porches. And hammocks.

78. I could never live anywhere cold. I love Arizona and would way rather be too hot than too cold.

79. Brennon takes really long showers, like way longer than me. It's his "thinking time".

80. For some reason, I cry when plays or performance are over, even when there not sad. I think its because in junior high I was in the play and so I (on a very small scale) know how much work goes into it so I get emotional. I am such a dumb girl.

81. I'm really excited to have kids some day. For some reason, the only day I get really baby hungry is Sunday, probably because there are super cute babies in our ward and I want to take one home with me. The other days of the week, I can wait. So I'm thinking, until I want one everyday of the week, we will hold off.

82. Brennon and I's first kiss was a little awkward. A strand of my hair fell in front of my mouth so he got a little bit of a hairy kiss. We reenact it quite often and it is hilarious each time.

83. I used to have a baby blue Hyundai Accent. It was baby blue because of a deal that was struck between my parents and I; I thought the car was really ugly and I didn't want it at all BUT it was really cheap. So my parents said that if we got the car, I could get it painted whatever color I wanted. Don't ask me why I chose baby blue. The interior was still the forest green so it was really classy, as you could imagine.

84. I love this band called Mates of State. They are this married couple that the girl plays the keyboard and the guy plays the drums. My friend Lisa introduced me to them like sophomore year and they are so cute and there music is really fun and different.

85. I am obsessed with the smell of Home Depot. I think its the wood and soil smell combined or something. And this works out good because Brennon has an obsession with Home Depot in general so we both win.

86. I have 8 discs of just wedding and engagement pics. There's over 800 I'm sure. Little overkill, don't you think?

87. I don't get it why everyone loves Amy Winehouse so much. She's a bit scary and I don't think she's that great. Sorry Kristal.

88. I love flowers. Really, I get excited when i see tulips and I could spend hours looking at bouquets online. Someday, I would love to do weddings.

89. I'm really bad at sticking to diets. I have no problem going to the gym on a regular basis now but it kinda cancels out when you go home and eat a pint of Half Baked.

90. I went to an Avril Lavign concert my junior year with my friend Melanie and we had crappy seats so when the lights went down, we hopped over the little fence and ran into the crowd, with security guards chasing us and everything. We lost each other so it took us the next hour to actually be able to enjoy the concert. It was probably one of the most daring things I've done. I'm kinda lame like that.

91. I have to force myself everyday to drink even one bottle of water because if I don't I get really bad headaches.

92. I can make 3 things pretty well now- chicken tortilla soup, banana bread and chicken enchiladas. So those are our 3 main food groups.

93. My sister Kayla is one of the funniest people I know. We used to fight quite a bit about clothes and stuff growing up but now if I wasn't married and she didn't want to go up to BYU(boo), I would totally love to room with her.

94. I always thought I would marry someone musical but I fell in love with Mr. Sporty spice. Interesting how things work out.

95. I'm kinda still in love with my wedding ring. I know, I know , get over it already, right?! Its just so pretty and sparkly.

96. Whew, is this over yet?? ok, ummm... So I love that Brennon and I's humor is so dumb and silly most of the time and that we both somehow think we are hilarious. But I dont think anyone else would think we are remotely funny.

97. I hate going over long bridges. Ever since that bridge went down in Minnesota, I have been freaked out. Any of you ever been on the bridge going to Coronado island? My worst nightmare.

98. I still remember when my aunt Kristal got married how not happy I was. I mean I was happy that she was happy but we were buds and this Jason dude was stealing her away from me! I kinda I like him now and they have adorable kids so I guess it all worked out :) Its funny cause I remember writing in my journal when I was like 12 or whatever, "It's like I'm losing my best friend." I was a bit mellow dramatic. I guess not much has changed.

99. I love going to bed at 9:30 and not feeling like a loser. The first couple months of marriage, we would stay up late most nights and then, real life hit.

100. Last but not least, I have to stress how freakin amazing my family is. If you already haven't been able to tell. I have the bomb-est husband, the rockin-est parents, the most splender-ific sisters, the coolio-est in-laws and the awesome-est extended fam. Do you like all the words I just made up? I had to do this because normal words can not describe there tubular-osity.

Anyways, I know that was a bit much for you all to take in at once. Hopefully you read it little by little as not to get a Danica overload. So, thanks for reading my life.



Cait and Ben said...

I totally read the whole thing and I'm not your mom. I don't think....

LuAnne said...

Steve takes really long showers too! Must be a guy thing. I also got a really ugly car when I turned 16 because it was cheap - but I didn't get to repaint it! Haha

The Fish Family said...

Again, we have never met but I feel like I have really got to know you, especially with this post. In reference to #37, it took me about 2.5 years and 2 kids to officially get my last name changed over to Fish. I guess I just wanted to make sure it was going to last before I did anything too serious like change my name(kids are pretty serious too;))!! Or it could be that I am just lazy..please tell Brennon I said hello.

P.S. I know that this is ridiculously long but have you ever been on the backroad from Joe City to Holbrook? Scariest bridge and I HATE it with a passion.

Vonda said...

Are you talking about the bridge going to Mclaws road? Dani, thats the bridge you and Brennon got your pictures on. Its a little creepy.

DR. Pepper freezer - got it from me
Cigarette Butts/car on fire - me
Front Porchs (notice our 2 front porches) - me
Sunglasses - DAD
thin hair - sorry
cry at the drop of a hat - me
Winehouse - me too
Ben & Jerrys - Good times
Bad vision - sorry
Organized - YOU
(cant remember the others)

Vonda said...


Klowd 9 - original yet tacky
Reinact hair kiss - I laugh thinking about you two doing this
doughnuts at Bashas - I remember - too funny
Towels - thats explains all the extra laundry
Bugging your husband til they can stand you any more - got it from me!

I loved reading these and seeing that I have passed down alot of baggage to you - sorry sucka! GREAT POST for my Grandkids!

Breea said...

wow that is a freakishly long post!but i love it!

lindsay levi said...

Dani! This post was AWESOME and I learned a lot about you! Sounds like your Mom wants some grandbabies :) Haha. It's funny because a few years ago, I would make comments about getting married and my Dad would tell me to wait, and now that I'm finishing my last year of college, I told him I wouldn't mind getting married at 26 (I'm 23 now) and he said, "Really, that long?!" I think he wants grandbabies too, and I'm not even married!!

Anyway, I have always thought you were the cutest girl. All you Guttery girls are. And your parents ARE amazing! I'm glad you found a good husband.

PS I'm in love with Dr. Pepper

Joanna said...

so, how long did this take you? because it took me about ten minutes just to READ it :D

kristal said...

um, can you hurry up and have the wedding attire party while I fit into my dress? That would be soo fun!!! And we could make a big ole wedding cake! Um, and Jase and I kissed on our first date, and I don't know the name of 2 of the guys I kissed either...sad thing, I never did know their name.

kristal said...

um, ok, I just read #98...I'm weeping. "like losing a best friend". I'm here for you, I'm not gone. THat was sweet...back when you used to really like me, before you really didn't like me, which has now gotten you to somewhat liking me again. Ahh, the phases of our relationship. K, I've gotta go read some need to make it where your comment box pops up so I can read and comment at the same time.

kristal said...

Mmm, half baked...they have the light yogurt version you good! Um, and Sister Winehouse...sadly I've never listened to a whole one of her songs, I just like people that rial things up, and I do like her voice, but I do believe that she sings 0 songs that are allowed on the Mulder Family Playlist...sad.

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