Friday, May 16, 2008

Better late then never...

Ok so Mothers day was 8 days ago. So sue me. I've been attempting to get a post up since Sunday but it just hasn't quite happened yet. And by attempting, I mean thinking about. We just got back from Cali last night on our 1 year anniversary trip!(how did this happen?) We went to Coronado Island and Sea world to celebrate! Anyways, enough about us, (I will post about that later because we lost our camera and had to use a disposable :( So I have to go get it developed). Anyways, lets get on to the important part.

An ode to Mom

Thanks for raising me. I think you did a pretty good job, wouldn't you say so?

Thanks for giving birth to me. I'm sorry I was so huge (10 lbs!)

Thanks for calling me everyday just to see how I'm doing or to tell me a witty anecdote.

Thanks for being the coolest teenage mom. You are the life of the party. My friends always loved you more than me.

Thanks also for giving birth to my best friends. And could you teach me how to make all my kids be best friends with each other? I would hate for them to miss out on all the fun we've had and will have.

Thanks for dancing and singing in the house. I may act embarrassed but you know I'll be doing the same thing when I'm a mom.

Thanks for planning my wedding in less than 3 months. It was a little hectic but you always claim it was fun. Now that is positivity.

And thanks for your looks. People say we look alike and I will take that as a major compliment.

Love you mom, your the bestest!

And to a wonderful mother-in-law...

Thanks for giving birth to Brennon, I really appreciate it!

Thanks for raising him. I think you did an amazing job.

He claims he was a perfect teenager but I'm pretty sure that's not completely true.

And even though he is a man of few expressions, I know he appreciates and loves you so much, as do I!

Thanks for teaching him the value of hard work. He is definitely not lazy.

Thanks also for teaching him to be clean. Even though I don't have the same level of cleanliness as him, he keeps on doing the dishes and vacuuming the floors.

Thanks for being so welcoming and making me feel part of the family right away.

Thanks for always being so willing to help. I'm sure you passed that trait on down to your boys.

And thanks for letting me steal your youngest boy. I love him alot.

Love you Kathy!

Happy Mothers day to all last week!


Kathy said...

Thanks! I love you too! I'm glad you joined our famiy!

Kathy said...

By the way Brennon was a good kid or maybe I just can't remember any bad stuff. The blog about your mom was very nice too!

Vonda said...

You made being a mom easy. Thanks for letting me be your mom, now you be one!

Cait and Ben said...

Ya know what I will sue you! Just because you mentioned it! But for reals, cute post. You look like your mother's mini-me.

Amy John said...

Your mom is so cool..I agree! And you 2 DO look identical. K, now I want to see pics from this anniversary trip to Cali... you know how I feel about that place- get on it!!