Friday, February 15, 2008


We had a very nice, relaxing Valentines day. I woke up to these on the table...

Now you may be thinking, wait yellow roses symbolize friendship. Does Brennon just want to be "friends" with his wife? No, I just don't like the red ones. Too overdone. To predictable. I basically love any flower except red roses and carnations. Oh, and I'm not that fond of regular daisies but love gerberas. My absoulute favorites are hydrandea, tulips, daffodils, and stargazer lilies. Anyways, now you all know my flower preferences.

I got to cut and arrange them which I totally love and miss doing.

Then I went to school and had to give a speech that went way better than expected, which was nice. I then went and wrote a 3 page paper of bull in an hour and decided that I deserve to not go to my last class on Valentines Day. So I didn't. Instead, I went to Fry's and got Brennon's favorite cake mix and frosting, the rainbow chip kind, and went home to "build him a cake". I cleaned the house and packed our bags for our snowboarding trip this weekend. Well, Rachel and I will be skiing cause we are pansies. We'll actually probably spend most of our time in the warm lodge. But it will be fun.

Then I went and dropped by some valentines at my families house and taught piano for a couple hours. My mom gave me this...

along with a fish shaped chocolate. She thinks its hilarious to buy us fish stuff. Love ya mom and I LOVE the flowers.

I came home at 7 to Brennon cooking my favorite meal. Pasta. He got all my favorite stuff: the sun-dried tomato alfredo sauce, pesto to mix in, ceaser salad, garlic bread, and sparkling cider. It was DELISH.

This is what the table looked like. Can you guess which bag is for me?
He claims there was no V-day bags at Bashas but I think he just thought it would be funny to have a beer bag to give me.

Right after dinner he insisted that I open my card first and this is what I see...

Brennon was CRACKING UP. Classy huh.

Then I proceed to talk, giving a speech like "SO we've been married for what, 9 months now? It's going pretty good, right? I mean, were both happy, its working out. Well maybe we should take it to the next level...."

I got down on one knee and asked him to wear a wedding ring.

After 9 months of marriage, he has never had a wedding ring and he always says the girls are gonna hit on me and I dont have a ring to point to. Just joking of course. So I got him one. Off Amazon for 30 bucks. That was our limit this year.

But, I suck and it doesn't fit. So we have to send it back. I'm not a very good gift giver.

Then I opened my gift and it was this bath robe thingy that I have been wanting and a gift certificate to get a pedicure, which I have also been wanting. It was a thoughtful, sweet gift.

After all that, we just kinda hung out the rest of the night and Brennon was in asleep by 10 cause he had to get up at 4 this morning to go to stupid Tucson. Thats where he's been his whole life this week, so im kinda bitter.

So that was our first married Valentine's and I think it went pretty good. I love my husband SO much and all the sweet things he does for me. It's not really in his nature to go big for holidays, he's a pretty simple, easygoing guy and I love that about him. He definatly keeps me from going crazy. It's pretty crazy that our year anniversary is coming up so quickly! Feels like just yesterday....

Hope everyone's Valentine's day was lovely!


Vonda said...

First off, Im sorry the ring doesnt fit AGAIN, hope you can send it back. And next, the buying of tacky fish things will alway be funny, so give in and just laugh with me. You two are perfect together and he is a sweetheart.

Taralee or Trace said...

I'm PRETTY sure I'm still laughing about the "beer" bag AND the freaking cool pug-dog card! That is the funniest thing ever.'re funny.
What a nice Heart Day. You guys are too cute...and I don't even know you (Dani, other than in the blogging world). Maybe someday we could chill or something.
Oh and PS. I'm really not offended that you named your dog Brody...after all, it is a SA-weet name!!

amanda.hall said...

haha... your posts are always so funny. I love the card and the beer bag, and the fact that your mom buys you fish stuff all the time. =) Have fun on your ski/snowboarding trip!

Kristal said...

Aww, that is a sweet valentines day. And I busted up laughing at the thought of B busting up laughing at that cheesy dog card! Awesome!!! Um, and I'm glad you like gerbera daisies. ANyway, come see us! Ok, don't, but in a year when we have a killer sweet house...come see us!!!

See ya in a few.

Oh my holy heck! Did Jase not finish that interview?! OH MY GOSH! He'll be home in about an hour and I'll rag on him! I'll make him still finish it and send it and do dishes, sweep and shovel snow! Um, if he did finish it...X that last sentence.

dani said...

He did finish it...tell him thank you VERY much. It helped me not lie too much.Thats the paper that I talked about in the post that i finished in an hour.

Michael and Cara Hill said...

Funny card! Michael got me a card with a drawing of a guy and girl hugging and the guy's hand are on the girls butt. Funny husbands we have :)

Bethany and Cameron said...

Yeah, get used to the goofy gift bags--Cameron thinks it's hilarious to give my gifts in childrens gift bags, like, say, oh I don't know...BARBIE??? That's right! Gotta love our funny guys!:) Sounds like you had a great first married Valentine's day!

Kristal said...

Ahhh, safe, ok, he's still doing th dishes though.

Nathan & Cherish said...

You make me laugh so hard! I love the card! It is one of the funniest things I have ever seen! I love it!
Sounds like you had a great V-day! The dinner looked amazing!

Breea said...

Ha ha thats cute!! hey chack my blog and click on that website, it will amke you day!!!