Sunday, March 2, 2008

Are you getting sick of all the weddings yet?

Me niether.

In the past 2 months, 3 more of my friends have tied the knot. I guess its the thing to do these days.

One of my best friends, Lisa, from high school was the first. I got to go to the weddding which was so fun and sweet. Even though I don't know him all that well, I could totally tell they are so perfect for eachother and it was that happiest I have ever seen Lisa. I think glowing would be the correct term.

This weekend there was my friend Malia's. She is one of the craziest, funest girls and definatly keeps our group laughing. Her Bachlorette party was last Saturday and was a blast even though it onlt got to stay for an hour. Don't worry guys, the bottles are just root beer.

Thats her with the crown, laughing.

Sorry its sideways but I dont feel like changing it. This is a Malia's reception this Saturday. Her dress was to die for and the whole reception kind of had a laid back country feel complete with sunflowers and adorable jars of candy.

One of my favorite things about all these weddings is that it gets all of us friends together. I LOVE seeing all these girls and wish it were more often! Some are at NAU, one's in Hawaii, some in Anthem so its so fun when were all here.

And the last one is Mckenzie. She didn't get married this weekend but a few of us drove to Anthem for her bridal shower. Our mini road trip was fun.

Ok, who does he look like to you??

James Van Der Beek from good ole Dawsons Creek that I was obsessed with for a while. Did I say was? I meant am.


Vonda said...

I think your boy looks more like Dawson. Thanks for the fun night last night - see you for another one tonight!

Kristal said...

he's really cute. But I LOVE that dress....that last wedding dress on here. Awesome skirt part!

Mike and Joelle said...

Danica! you are so cute :) I love your blog! You look like you have such a great group of girlfriends. cherish that! I hope you and Brennon are doing wonderfully!

Jill Rosenhan said...

It's nuts how everyone is getting married! I've been sneaking on your blog seeing how married life is :) Hope you dont mind! Looks like you two are enjoying it! I can't believe Kenzie is getting married!

The Epps Fam said...

You crack me up! How fun that all of your friends are getting married. It's like a Higley High School reunion everytime you go to a wedding!