Friday, February 1, 2008


So about a month ago my dad got Brennon Suns tickets. Well, ticket really, cause I didn't get to go. Brennon calls me, in a very sweet voice and proceeds to butter me up. I knew from about the moment he spoke that my dad had gotten him tickets. Honestly, I would have been perfectly fine with him going but he didn't even let me speak. This is kinda what the conversation went like-

B: How was your day sweetie? I missed you today. *sugary sweet voice

D: Yeah, I missed you too.... What did my dad get tickets to?

B: *a more pleading voice. The Suns game tonight, and I know we havent really seen eachother all week and you wanted to hang out tonight but can I go??? Please?

D: Me thinking-Am I really that controlling?

D: *Realizing the levrage I have. Ok.... I guess....

B: I'm gonna get you Haispray tickets since you are so amazing.

D: Ok, I think that would make up for it.

B: And I'll even go.

D: Wow you really want to go tonight, huh.

So anyways, he was gonna buy me tickets since I have been wanting to go forever. But luckily for him, my dad is the frekin ticketmaster and got tickets for us.

Well, we were told that we had 6 tickets so we invited Rachel and Nathaniel to come with us and then my sister and her friend were coming. Come to find out, we only have four. So, Brennon, being the self sacrificing man that he is, suggested that Rachel and I go and him and Nate would just find something else to do. What a hero.

So Brennon went and saw Cloverfield and was happy as can be.

The show was amazing and it worked out for both of us because then I could enjoy the show and not look over beside me and see rolling eyes.

Obviously, Rachel and I look like models in all these pictures...


Celeste and Devyn said...

thats too bad. There was a lady in my ward that actually got her degree in hirticulture...I think thats what it was...anyway I think she went to BYU for it. That would be so perfect for you! And Yes, someday we should definatley do weddings! That would be so fun! Awww, I haven't seen Rachel in forever! You guys look great! Next time you see her tell her I said hi!

Kristen said...

aw how fun! i've always wanted to see hairspray, glad to hear it was good! I love looking at your blog, it's so cute! I'm not sure if you know me, lol, but we I went to Higley High, although we didn't graduate together, but just wanted to say hi and i love your blog!:)

amanda.hall said...

That sounds like it was fun! I have heard so many good things about Hairspray and I haven't even seen the movie yet.
You DO look like a model in those pictures! I like the last one- so cute!

Vonda said...

Sad part, I asked him to get them for you and I, he brought them home and said "Kayla and Breea, I got you tickets to got to Hairspray with Dani and Brennon" What am I - dogmeat???

Glad you guys had so much fun. More fun to be had tonight!

Vonda said...

YA that was so fun!! THANKS BREN BREN!!

Koi said...

did you like it more than MAMMA MIA? Ha, ha!
I've always wanted to see HAIRSPRAY. maybe next year I can.

rachel said...

Wow Danica! Those pictures are absolutely awful... ha ha! That was so fun, thanks for inviting us... ummm me! I especially loved getting our groove on at the end!