Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Freakin awesome family

On Saturday, lots of my family was in town for my Aunt Tammee's sweet little baby blessing. It was so much fun to have everyone in town. In the morning, Tammee, my mom and I went in search of a blessing dress fit for little Taryn Lilly Jones. It resulted in me becoming a tad baby hungry. But don't worry mom, not THAT hungry. But i definatly know where I'm getting my baby's dress in 2 YEARS. Adorable little place on Main. Anyways....

We found the perfect dress, it had a cape, a hat, and a bow in case she got tired of wearing the hat. She was well accessorized.

Now tell me that doesn't make you at least a LITTLE baby hungry. I dont care who you are, thats perfection.

On Saturday night, we met up with everyone at California Pizza Kitchen. Kristal and Jason came in from Jo town, Grandma and Grandpa, Tammee and Kieth from Virginia and the rest are Brimhalls. Quite a large crowd.

My lovely grandma presented Brennon and I with our Christmas present which was an amazing quilt. It is huge and beautiful and comfy. She spent so much time on it, I probably would have given up after the first two squares. Your amazing grandma!!

Thats her in the left and her sister in law on the right, Claudette, who is an amazing lady as well. Why do I have such a wonderful family!?

And last but certainly not least is my mother and aunt Paula. My mother kinda reminds me of a vantrilaquist doll right here, maybe because of the squarness of the mouth. I love it. You make a beautiful doll mom!

After dinner, we went to Passage to Zarahemela. Wow. Never have I seen a movie with such a wierd plot and completly bad acting. And mind you I was only awake for half of the movie. Yeah, I dont recommend it. As far as morman movies goes, I would say its even below Baptists at our Barbeque.


Jenna Winters said...

ah i hated baptists at our bbq! devon was laughing the whole movie and i was like are you freakin kidding me. hahaha that's so funny, ive never heard of the other movie though. but it does seem like you do have a wonderful family! how blessed you are :)

Kristal said...

Could jase and I look more maniquiney in that CPK pic? It was a lotta fun! Thanks for the good times as always!

Jamilyn said...

You have got to have the best family!!!! You all are the best. We really need to have a joint family reunion again.

amanda.hall said...

You do have a great family. Almost as cool as mine. =) haha. jk. And there's nothing wrong with being baby hungry- they're a lot of work but totally worth it. You'll make a great mommy. =)
Oh and it's hard to believe there is a movie out there worse than Baptists at our Barbeque. I hated that movie.

Vonda said...

That was the best movie of the year!!! and I dont look like a ventrilequist, just like to articulate my eating, ok?