Monday, July 25, 2011

3 months and awesome.

Stratton is becoming such a little ball of fun. He smiles non-stop (except when the camera comes out), is super close to letting a little laugh out, and beginning to try to roll over. He's starting to grab at things and mastering the difficult task of hand-eye coordination....hopefully he gets Brennons'. Me+any sport=failure.

He is officially sleeping through the night...on a 8:30pm-5:00ish am (then back to bed til 8:30) sleeping schedule. YAY! This has made my life, and Brennon's, consequently, 12,638,273 times better. He's such a stud.

We go in next month for the check up but I'm guessing he's getting close to 14-15lbs. He's a delicious little chunk. Anyways, here's some pictures.

3 months old!

We had my Gma Guttery's 80th birthday party in Holbrook, twas a great time.

Big Stratton meets little Stratton.

4th of July family pic.

Cuddling with Grandpa at the parade.

Everyday when we get home from running errands or what-not, I strip him down and let him air out. The summer sun totally wears this kid out.

2nd cousins....they are yummy

We just got back from beautiful Colorado! The Hatch family got a lodge near Durango and we spent the week hiking, white water rafting, sightseeing, playing lots of cards and eating lots of delicious food. It was practically perfect, except that Brennon wasn't there. Sad face.

Strat man was such a good traveller, only crying the last 20 minutes. If it was acceptable, I would have been crying too. Looong day.

Mostly, he was doing this:

Crazy girls.

He's not impressed.


Celeste said...

HAHA the last pic is so cute! What a good little guy he is! Sleeping through the night, awesome! Glad you guys enjoyed Colorado... if you come through again come and visit me. Stratton is such a cute, handsome baby!

Kristal said...

i love your baby!!!!! I just found Kam's 3 month pic when we were packing and she was 16lbs...and short. She was a perfect ball. I LOVe the chubbiness. Have another!!!

Grace Hart said...

I love the airing out pic, so cute! Glad you guys had such a fun trip and that he's such a champ traveler :)

P.S. Stratton needs to sit Charlotte down for a serious talk about sleeping through the night. It would make my life a google times better!