Monday, June 13, 2011

2 months old!

Time really does fly! I can't believe how big this little man is getting. He is so much fun- starting to talk to us and smile a ton. Here are his 2 month stats...

Weight: 12 lbs 10 oz in the 75 percentile

Height: 25 inches in the 90th percentile (Brennon could not be more excited about this.)

Head: 15 inches in the 50th percentile- he didn't get Brennon's large noggin!

He got his shots last week which was like the saddest thing ever. He did so good, I probably cried more than he did. I am loving feeling good again and staying home with my little man. I'm teaching piano to 12 students which is perfect. Brennon just started his summer internship with Cox and is really liking it so far. He only has one more semester to go to get his Bachelors! Yay! We decided to live off the grants and loans next semester and have him finish up. He'll be taking 21 credits but not working. We're excited to be so close to being DONE! And thats really all that is going on with us, just enjoying Strat man and his adorable-ness. Now for some pictures.....

We got to go visit Evan, Cara, and the twins in Seattle when Stratton was just 5 weeks old. A little nerve-wrecking but he did such a good job on the flight. Probably the easiest flight we'll ever get with him for a long time. Brennon had to quit the airline job so we wanted to see them one last time til Thanksgiving. We had such a good time hanging with them and they even cooperated enough to give us a few good pictures.

Going shopping for Stratton's blessing outfit was so fun. He was our little doll and humored us outfit after outfit.

These were the top two contenders...

We ultimately had to go with this one. Could not resist the bow tie.

We blessed him on June 5th at my parent's house- more pictures to come of that!

He's a big smiler

So happy to be 2 months!

First time swimming! Loved it until he jerked and his face went in the water.

Just discovered his hand this week and how good it tastes.

The many faces of Stratton!


The Epps Fam said...

Okay, he is just so darn cute! Way to go! Love all of these pictures, especially the little face collage you did of him. I am going to have to copy you - I love it! Congrats to your sweet family! He sure is a keeper!

Celeste said...

HAHA Stratton is adorable! Yeah I like his little bow tie outfit, so cute!

Kristal said...

OH MY GOSH that baby is cute! I love him. Remember that one day that he DID NOT like me? That messed up my whole day. Glad we're tight again. Boston's head was born at 16". How did HE get Brennon's large noggin?? Jase's head is the same size as all of my kids (cept pearce). ugh.