Thursday, June 26, 2008

Shopping endeavors.

So I am kind of in love with this little store called Plato's Closet. Its a "previously owned" store, kinda of like Buffalo Exchange or Last Chance, except its the cheaper of the 3. Its filled with Forever21, Express, Gap, Old Navy, Hollister, American Eagle and even has some designer jeans for way cheap. It mostly all in good shape and there is always a TON.
Anyways, I may have mentioned this before because I have been in love for quite some time. But sometimes I forget about it and then go running back, begging for forgiveness. I promise I will never leave you again, dear Plato's.

I have been very much bored because Brennon has been out of town since Monday. And when I get bored and lonely, I shop. It comforts me. But I am a bargian shopper so I justify it that way.

Back to Plato's. I went there yesterday just to look, maybe buy a shirt or two. I end up trying on like 25 items. I narrow it down to ten. And narrow it down some more. I end up purchasing 5 shirts, one dress, and 2 necklaces all for...........

35 bucks!

Yeah, be impressed. Three of the shirts and the dress are Forever 21 and 2 are from Express.

I was pretty excited about this. Just pretend that you are.

Anyways, just wanted to share. Its on Alma school and Warner. Be prepared to search and spend a couple hours there.


Cait and Ben said...

I've heard about that place and have never gone! Now I want to! I think I can scrounge up 35 bucks.

Samantha said...

High five to you Danica!!! Thats awesome!! Next time we go to the Valley I know where I'm going!!!

Bethany and Cameron said...

Good to know! I am all about the bargains!

Jenna Winters said...

i take my clothes there all the time and get store credit> its my fave thing to do because i dont need to spend any money when i do that! i got the cutest heels from there a while ago and i swear they were never worn and for 10 bucks!

Vonda said...


Stay home!

(cute clothes dani)

Blake and Celeste said...

Wow thats awesome! I love your new clothes. I will have to hit up that store when I get to AZ. It feels good buying lots of cute clothes for cheap price! Where is Brennon?

Kristen said...

no way! Danica i'm so excited now, thanks for sharing the info i think i may check it out sometime this week!!