Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Today we are heading up north, A.K.A Joe City, Showlow, and Holbrook, for the 4th. I am very excited to get out of this nasty heat and do the traditional 4th of July celebrations, as we were in freakin Minnesota for last years' happenings. I'm also excited to turn 21! Brennon's present to me has been sitting on our table for the last 24 hours and I have attempted to look inside about, oh every hour. He knows I have no patience, why would he do this to me? He said it was to teach me restraint. What is he, some martial arts instructor? I think it's just mean.

Hope you all have a fabulous 4th of July!


Blake and Celeste said...

It's a good thing he is teaching you self
Have fun this weekend!

Nathan & Cherish said...

Hey Girl ... Hope you have a great BIRTHDAY! Love ya!

Mike and Joelle said...

ok so I have to say that your Plato's closet post inspired me. haha. I HATE shopping just cuz everything costs so much, and when I went there, everything was SO cute and SO cheap! the whole time I was thinking, "thank you Danica!" I love stores like that and last chance, so if you have any more secrets, keep me posted. THANKS!! (p.s. I got two shirts, a pair of Juicy jeans and a pair of express shorts! all much needed) p.s. happy late birthday!!

EEK said...

Happy B-Day Danica! Whatever was in the box can't be better than Brennon!

-Aunt Karen