Wednesday, December 3, 2008


I was SO excited to be able to have Thanksgiving at our house. I wanted to get all Martha Stewart but sorta lacked the time and talent. But I got to use all the dishes we got for our wedding that I've never used, so that was fun.
I also got to spend the whole morning cooking with Grandma G so that was a blast. She told me lots 'o' stories and taught me how to cook a turkey. I pretty much just stood back and let her do her thing.

The spread. Yes my mouth is watering just looking at it.

The tablescape. I wasn't expecting such a big square table so thats why the centerpiece looks so measly.

I really miss doing floral arrangements. I couldn't wait to make it and being the lame-o I am, I was up at 630 making it, as happy as can be.

The whole crew. We had a couple cousins over later for pie as well, but they dont get to be in the picture. :)

We did this jump about 3 times and my heels are still suffering. My face is obviously lovely.

My mom and I's sad attempt at being crafty. We made, like, 3 and were sick of it. So the rest of them were done with begrudgingly and with alot of whining (mostly on my part).

Then we did my FAVORITE THING EVER!! We put up the Christmas tree! I wanted to put it up 2 weeks ago but Brennon and I settled on Thanksgiving.

(Pictures soon to follow of the fully decorated one. It is pretty much the same as last year.)

Then we got to Skype with the Fish's. I had no idea how cool Skyping is. Our laptop has a camara built in and its free to download so now we can talk to Cara and Evan while there in Europe this Christmas! You can even play games with the person your talking to. Does everyone know about this and I'm just totally out of the loop til now? Anyways, it was a great thanksgiving day.

Then we headed up to Showlow for the rest of the weekend. And for some reason, we never take pictures up there! But we had a great time, just eating, playing games, watching movies, just generally being lazy. There is something about Show low (and the whole nothern AZ for that matter) thats makes me just want to nap all day long. I'm gonna blame it on the elevation. Yeah, thats it.

Good times, good times. Now I'm SO ready for Christmas and all its lovely-ness.


Whiting Family said...

How fun. I love holidays. It was so good to see you guys. Maybe you don't take pictures up in Show Low because we are all a bunch of freaks? Well most of us anyway.

Cassie said...

I love your mom in that jumping picture. So cute.

kAyLa GuTtErY said...

Haha i love mom on that jumping picture! haha cute cute post dani!

lindsay levi said...

Dani, you're a doll. Love that you like to be creative and decorate. I've been using Skype for a few years now. Isn't it GREAT! And it's free! Merry Christmas to you!

Breea said...

hahaah! i told you we should jump. mom looks awesome...BAAHHA!! no really.

Cara Fish said...

How fun! I want to have Thanksgiving at MY house! Um, I feel like I was going to say something else, but I forget. Ugh.

Kathy said...

Alright Dani, you need to start taking pictures at our events too! I'm starting to get a complex.

Kristen said...

how cute! i LOVE your centerpiece you did such a great job!!

rachel said...

Your blog looks great!!! I love your header. Danica... where would I be in the blogging world without you? Thanks for your help girl :) Your centerpiece turned out beautiful! You are hired... someday when I have a beautiful Thanksgiving feast at my house for which I will need a beautiful centerpiece!!

Jamilyn said...

Everything turned out great! I love the centerpiece. I may have to copy it!!! you have the greastest family im sure you guys never have a dull moment together.!!!!

Whalen Fam said...

Holidays= Good Times!!! What a wonderful family! Everything looked fabulous and fyi, your pictures put a huge smile on my face!

Happy Holidays cute thing... I miss you!

Lauren and George said...

This is George and Lauren Willis, always fun to find friends in the blogging world. We should double date soon? FYI George and Brennon served in Scotland together...:)