Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Hey blogging world! I have a question for you.

Has anyone out there been to New York in the winter? I would love some tips, places to see or eat, what to avoid, things of that nature. Were leaving tonight on a red eye to be there for New Years eve! I'm a little excited if you cant tell. We'll be there at 7AM tomorrow morning and are just spending the day there and coming back new years day. Yay! And it's basically free! Double yay! So give me what ya got people. Thanks friends.


Taralee and Trace said...

My brother lives there right now. He would have TONS of ideas for you. If you are interested his number is 480.229.7595. His name is Rustin. I've never been there...but it sounds like fun.
ENJOY your New Year over there!!

Char and Trent said...

i AM SOOOO JEALOUS! I love love New York! You have to go ice-skating in central park. Its amazing!

Joanna said...

the obvious:
central park
rockefeller center
times square
5th avenue

the less-obvious:
top of the rock observatory (buy tickets online beforehand)
MoMA or the Met
NY Public Library / Bryant Park

the lesser-done:
international photography museum
brooklyn (bridges; Dumbo)
trump tower

i'm not as great with where to eat. if you have a smart phone, i just googled stuff that was near where i was at during mealtimes...

Joe and Maren said...

you lucky duck. return me calls chick. :) be safe.

Nathaniel and Rachel Allen! said...

I looked for you two on the tv last night and bragged about you guys at every party we went to :)... the tv said it was 1 degree. Are you still alive??