Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Scentsy Party!

Just a quick little post to invite you all to my Scentsy party next Saturday. I've never really done a party like this before, like Gold Canyon Candles or Mary Kay or anything like that. But I really love this stuff so I thought it would be fun and more of just an excuse to see everyone. And why not while I'm living in a mansion? So, I would love for any of you to come, blog stockers (if I have any?), friends, friends of friends, family, everyone. Just come get some yummy snacks and check out there awesome stuff. Oh and if your thinking, What the crap is Scentsy??, basically they are really cute ceramic warmers that are super safe and last alot longer than regular candles. There wickless and there are like 100 different scents. Anyways, just check out the website cause I'm no good at explaining things...

Party Details:

"My" house (email me for specific directions): Its on Greenfield just south of Ocotillo
in Circle G.
Time: 11AM-1PM, Come and go

Date: Saturday, October 25th

Your welcome to bring a friend or two!

My email is if you have any questions or need directions.

Thanks, hope to see ya all there!

(Real posting to come, promise!)


Jenna Winters said...

yay im excited to see ya!

Vonda said...

What do you mean "If I have any blog stalkers" We will all be there - right, you stalkers????

kristal said...

Um, ok, I'm retarded, I could have just copied and pasted this to my blog. Sorry, I didn't realize you had it up. How funny that we both used the same pic! Anyway, have fun, sorry I couldn't be there...put my killer order in for me though!

Jamilyn said...

i wish i didnt have to work it sounds like itd be a fun party and any excuse to see you and your family is a good one!!!!

The Littles said...

Ok, so I am TOTALLY in the category of blog stalker, kind of. I seriously so randomly came across your blog actually through Breea's blog (still random) - which by the way it is SO weird that she is not a todler anymore!

It's Jami Smith (Little) from WAY back in the day. ANND I don't know if I've already mentioned this (perhaps on facebook) but my little brother BJ is in your parent's area right now which is TOTALLY crazy and he saw Kayla sing in church (at least he saw her name on the program but he didn't know her well enough when you guys lived by us to remember which girl she was)

anyway, so SMALL world and I think of your family and the bischof's a lot now that BJ is serving down in the TEmpe mission - I can't believe how grown up everyone is!

I hope life is so good for you all!