Monday, January 21, 2008

Basically a high school reunion.

So last weekend, a whole bunch of us had a bon fire way in the middle of nowhere. There were probably like 30 people there, about 80 % of which were Higley-ians. It was so much fun being able to catch up with old friends and chill (literally).
Corey and Maren=adorable.
The raging bonfire. Maren and Jo brought a whole freakin horse trailer full of christmas trees and wood pallets. It was actually quite bigger than the picture.

Katie pimpin it out. The 3 end boys just got back from their missions the last 8ish months. Arn't they cute?
Classic Eric face and cute Brye.
Fun girlies.

More fun girlies. I love them!
We also did some dancing. Go Corey, its your birthday.

My friends from high school are pretty much the bestest.


Joanna said...

so guess who's dating erik...

dani said...


Kristal said...

So did you also have to wear black grey or white?

Vonda said...

Cant we have one those "friends" party here at our house so we can see everyone???

I'll supply the food???

Jenna Winters said...

sad maren & i watched you girls take the group pic! i love the girlies too :)

kAyLa GuTtErY said...

OK i love Mike Lee and he invited me over to play rock band after lisas thing . . i said no, i dont even know why!!?! BIGGEST MISTAKE OF MY LIFE! HELP ME a number, anything!

Joanna said...

me! :)