Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Anotha one bites the dust.

Last week, one of my best friends Melanie got married! She was my very first friend at Higley when I switched high schools my sophmore year. She is so fun and sweet and has always been such a good friend to me. We have SO many funny memories. I freakin love her!
Anyways, I got to throw her bachlorette party. It was 4 days before Christmas so I was pretty worried that nobody would be able to come. But we got a pretty good turn out and it was such a blast to see everyone! I love my girlfriends and even though we all dont get to see eachother very much, when we do it is seriously so much fun.
She's the cute red head in the middle.

My mom let me have it at her lovely house and helped me with the food and decorating. We did fondue! My favorite. It was fun trying to make everything cute.

Then on the 26th was their wedding dinner. It was beautiful and the food...amazing. Like a full christmas dinner with turkey and rolls and everything...so good. The Merchant family is basically llike the Von Trap family from the Sound of Music. With red hair. So of course there was a musical program. The cutest thing I have to say is when Ben's mom sang. It was adorable.

Here's the happy couple.

The festivities continue... the next day was the wedding and we got to be in the temple with them! It was so awesome and Brennon and I's first wedding to go to together. But you have to hear my embarrassing story. So were in the sealing and for some reason I hadn't eaten too much that morning. So were sittin there in the middle of it all, its completly silent except for the sealer and my stomach made seriously the loudest growl i've ever heard. I'm sure everyone could hear it. And this happened like 3 times. Way to ruin the moment huh.

That night was the reception. It was gorgeous. I got to be bridesmaid! My dress was like a full on long dress it was so fun! I felt like I was going to prom again.

Melanie has taught clogging since she was 13 and is an amazing dancer. Her girls that she has taught seriously worship her. They suprised her with a clogging numer of a bunch of the dances she has taught them. It was so cute. Melanie and Ben also sang a duet together that was adorable. They are gonna have some talented kids.

Congrats Mel, I love ya! Get a blog!


Vonda said...

You got some great pictures that Im gonna steal. So glad you threw such a great "Panty Party" for Mel. Your a good friend. Love that Mel too.

Anonymous said...

WOW! that was such a cute respetion. we seriously had five minutes to prepare that number but it tured out really cute. and i absoultly LOVED there duet! ben has a REALLY good voice!

Amy John said...

She is soo pretty!

Celeste and Devyn said...

ok! Actually that is Doug Higgins..He's married to one of my cousins. Dallin is probably his little brother right?

Vonda said...

What happened to your link list?

Kristal said...

aww man, I wanna be Mel's friend. Seriously, she is adorable, she clogs, and look at her killer dress. It's amazing! I LOVE IT!
Um, she looks like a tiny little twig. What's up with that?
She's the hot lindsay lohan! And you know how much I LOVE Lindsay (the good lindsay, not the 2007-2008 Lindsay)

Celeste and Devyn said...

Thank you! That would be amazing!

Ian and Kristen said...

Hey Danica, this is Kristen (shiflet) Peterson. I found your blog attatched to heidis! You guys are so cute! Anyway, just wanted to say hi and hope you two are doing well!

The Epps Fam said...

Melanie is such a cutie! I have not seen her forever! Her dress is beautiful! Tell her hi for me.