Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Making up for my lack of posts.

First off, I hope you all saw my cute halloweeny background while it lasted. I got it off this website where she was "borrowing" them from shabbyprincess but then she was found out and so the great, easy to use, step by step blog layouts are no more. Hopefully Kristal will be helping me get a new one....

This weekend, we saw the dumbest movie EVER. Mr. Woodcock. Yeah, you would think the name would have done it in but no. I pretty much hate Billy Bob Thorton. But we had fabulous company, Rachel and Nathaniel. We ate at the California Pizza Kitchen. The boys shared a "man pizza" and we had our girly one. We discovered that Nathaniel's gay talk is a leetle too good.

Then Saturday we washed my mother's car for her late b-day present and also made it die. Sorry.

We had a very relaxing Saturday and didn't get that much done. Brennon watched football and we got caught up on a little cleaning. Then, my mom calls and says they got 2 extra tickets to Brian Regan!! We were SO excited cause I've been wanting to see him since like sophomore year. He was extremely hilarious and much fun was had by all.

Last weekend, or maybe it was two weekends ago, we went to the Hatch family reunion. It was at Fenway park. Random, but fun. Well, as far as reunions go.

Boston was goin to town on this cupcake. He was so determined to get to that cupcake, he climbed up the table. So we just let him go at it. Were going to be such good parents.

The sugar hi is winding down.

Then, the weekend or two before that, we went to the Adams reunion up in ShowLow. You pretty much have to go up the whole mountain to get there. Oh, but it was worth it.

The trek up the mountain. Not pictured: Kristal and I staying dry and warm under an awning and also being pansies.

All the crazy relatives in the background. They did cook a mean biscuits and gravy meal.

He's hard core.

We thought it was cute that we were both wearing our husbands school sweaters.

And one more for good measure.

And last and certainly least, the extent of my Halloween decorations. Pathetic huh.

That is all.


dani said...

Wow that was fast Kris. I love it! Polka dots are my thing. Thanks!

Kristal said...

Your Halloween Decorations are lacking something...oh yeah! Halloween Decoration!!!! I know what I'm getting you for Christmas!

Um, I'm stealing that adorable picture of home boy boss! He really is the cutest thing in the world! I'm blogging about the Hatch reunion tonight....and the cupcake incident. So, yes, I will be somewhat copying.
Thanks for the heads up about Mr. Woodcock or whaetver. That's at Roxy this week...we'll be sure and skip it

Kristal said...

Oh, and about the background...it wa sth eonly vintagey background that you would be able to read writing on...so I'm REALLY glad you like it...for the next 3 weeks.

Erica said...

I don't think I've been to that many reunions in my life!

lol to the Halloween Decorations.

Vonda said...

Uh hun, Im only getting half a picture on your new blog page???

Kristal, I'll let her borrow the skull globe and then you wont have to buy her halloween decor for Christmas.

Nice post, and thanks for representing the Gutts at the Adams Reunion.

Kristal said...

Alright, I can tell that the skull snow globe is just a big joke to you...I WANT IT BACK! Next year you're getting a GIANT PEICE OF POO for your birthday!

Vonda said...

Can you put it in glass and add some water and I'll use it as a halloween decoration. Poop is scary.

Taralee or Trace said...

B-RON!!! Yo! This is Taralee (Reidhead)...now Porter. Can I just tell you how excited I am that I found your blog?! Very excited. COoooooL!
Ok, so Danica...I know you don't know me, but Brennon and I used to hang out before his mission. He's got to be one of the funniest guys EVER!
There was this one time when we were in Fry's Electronics and there was a Maytag guy paper cut out. And when I looked over Brennon was standing by it doing the same pose. I was laughing so hard. OH...then he used to always pick up his phone and just randomly say "BUY, SELL, BUY, TRADE, SELL!!!" ha ha ha. (Sorry if I am boring you with random stories of your hubbies life!) He is just hilarious.
OH..one more. Have you had him do the "seal" impression in the swimming pool? Or the "dolphin"...both are equally funny!
Anyway, tell Brennon I said HI! Oh and you are very pretty...don't know how he got so lucky! :)

OH...my blog is traceandtaraporter.blogspot.com

SEE YA...Taralee

dani said...

Ha ha Taralee, you know whats funny is he still does all of that stuff. He says it's sad because he hasn't found any new material. Haha and I LOVE hearing stories about him so if you ever feel the urge to tell me one, go right ahead. I'm glad that you found us! Brennon says HI! By the way, he was wondering where you guys were living?? Oh, and your baby is so cute! I just wanna pinch his cheeks! Haha

Taralee or Trace said...

Yo Dani and B-Ron. Trace and I are living in Provo, Pootah. (We both were going to school until I got knocked up and dropped out...now Trace just goes to school and I work and chill with Brody.) I don't declare myself as a UTAHARD yet...NOR will I ever!!
Anyway, maybe when we move back to AZ we can hang out or something. If J-town and Heber can put their past rivals behind them! (wink,wink!)