Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!

For Halloween tonight, we are going to the Fair. I am so excited, mostly for the deep fried fair food and the carny freaks.

On Saturday, we spent pretty much the whole day trying to figure out what to be for our Trunk or Treat ward Halloween party. Yeah, we need lives huh. We went to Savers, Goodwill, Walmart and my mom's basement closet and ended up with this amazingly trashy choice.

The hard core biker chick and her nerd boyfriend. Im trying to look like I have muscles and would really ride a motorcycle, if you can't tell.

I also made chili for the Annual Chili Cook-off because im really domestic. And it got 3 votes! No need to mention that two of them were from my husband and I...

Then on Monday night, we had the Annual Pumpkin carving party at Evan and Cara's. We ate yummy chalupa and carved hardcore. Present at the party were: Cara and Evan, Trevor, Bethany and Cameron and adorable baby Haylee, Jared and Julie with crazy fun kids Drew and Carly, and Kendall and April with cutie Tyce.

The boys busy at work. Trevor's was INTENSE. I think he's probably still over there doing it right now.

We decided on a witch this year. I had to do all the hard work cause Brennon was at class til 7. Which is probably why it looks the way it does with all the goop coming out the holes.

The finished product.
Then we watched Disturbia which thourouly freaked me out.
Hope everyone has a wonderful Halloween!


Anonymous said...

Brennon makes such a perfect nerd and you and your buff arms are definately biker looking. Once again, you are the perfect couple.


Amy John said...

You guys are too cute! I love that Brennan will dress up with you on Halloween! Travis so won't!! Have fun tonight!!

Kristal said...

Brennon looks freaking awesome! Jason didn't recognize him at all. He thought it was Paul Hunt!!!
Um, ok, that last picture, pretend that it's a baby instead of a pumpkin. CUte!

Vonda said...

Aw, don't talk about babies to me! I want one! Well, sometimes I do. So I guess we shouldn't until I want one all the time...
Brennon makes an awesome nerd huh?! Oh and he didn't do it all that willingly. And then once we got to the party and hardly anyone was dressed up he was embarrased. I said Be PROUD!

Taralee or Trace said...

Brennon, I have a pocket protector you could borrow. It's hand made and just says, "this is my pocket protector!" ha ha. It's pretty much awesome. Oh and make an incredible scary biker chick. I would hate to run into you in a dark alley. (j/k...i'm pretty sure you couldn't hurt a fly if you tried!)
OH and Brennon. It was definately you that did the sunsplash "jump on the bed" thing. I totally remember like it was yesterday.
K bye

Vonda said...

I didnt write that last VONDA comment, that was Danica. That would be weird.

Jacie said...

Vonda I'm glad you came on here and said that last comment wasn't you because I was getting a little worried that you wanted to have ANOTHER baby:)

amanda.hall said...

Dani you will make a great mom and babies are so much fun (it definitely is fun to dress them up all the time)! =) Your posts are so funny- I love the chili story. Oh and your costumes look great- Brennon makes a great nerd and you are a hot biker chic! =) Hopefully the fair was fun!

Bethany and Cameron said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the costumes!!! You guys truly do rock!:) We need to get together again soon--we love you!:) And Haylee needs her "Danica fix"!:)