Sunday, August 26, 2007

Ok were back.

Were finally back in Az! It has been a CRAZY week with school starting, moving in, me trying to find a job, Brennon starting his, and just trying to get organized. It has been fun and stressful and SUPER busy so I had to cut blogging time out. But I have about 10 things to blog about so I decided I better get started...

The Road Trip!

I'm sure these pictures are going to be very boring for you but I think our children will one day want to know about our adventure across the midwest. So here it goes..

Somewhere in South Dakota there is a family who runs a very odd sculpture farm right off the highway in the middle of nowhere. Of course I had to see it. It cost 6 bucks to get in so we just looked from afar cause were cheap. But it was quite amusing, especially after all you've seen for 3 hours is fields.

I highly recomend checking this out if your ever in South Dakota.

Pretty huh. it reminds me af a movie, a little stream running through and everything.

Then, after a few more hours of driving and these stupid logic puzzles that kept us busy (yeah, logic puzzles) we finally got to Mt. Rushmore!

Its a bit overrated in my opinion. I mean its cool and everything but you can't really spend more that 20 minutes looking at a mountain of rock presidents. We watched the little movie about it, got some icecream and headed back on our way.

He's squishing George.

More boring pics..

These little chipmunks were running around everywhere.

So I know this picture is really blurry but it has a point. As we were passing throught Wyoming, we saw probably like 100 deer on the side of the road. It was awesome except for when one came onto the orad and we almost hit it. That wasn't too awesome.

This was the motel we stayed at in Lusk, Wyoming. Classy huh. I put up a little fight but eventually caved in to staying here. I'm a spoiled brat.

This is the puke green tub and toilet. I felt dirty after showering in it.


This is what i looked at for about 5 hours straight.

The only state sign we pulled over for. I dont think New Mexico is very "enchanting".

Don't mind my fatness. It is from 3 months of only eating and sitting around.

We decided to not stop in New Mexico and just go straight on to Holbrook. We stayed at Granma and Grampa Guttery's and enoyed the nice clean beds and real food. We also got to see the Hatch grandparents. It was SO goog to finally see some familiar faces. We also got to visit Kristal and her kids at the Hatch's. Here's cute little Boston. I just want to eat him up.

Well that was our roadtrip in a nutshell. I did alot of annoying Brennon and we played alot of dumb car games. Very memorable indeed.


Vonda said...

Cool pictures and I love Mt Rushmore! That hotel was very blog-worthy and I agree on the not very enchanting NM. Now, more blogging tomorrow. Love to you and yours.

Evan and Cara Fish said...

we're so glad you are back!

Kristal Mulder said...

Man, that Boss really is cute! I want to eat him up too!
I'm soo glad you're back too. Here are the dates we'll be down...schedule us in
September 14, 15, 28, 29, and October 12.
but you really should come up here and motivate me and gramcicle to start your freaking awesome quilt! I ask her everyday, and she acts like it's such a great idea, and then she doesn't do anythin about it. She needs you to give her a good push in the right direction.

Erica said...

Welcome home!!

lol to that hotel.

Jacie said...

The next time I go to South Dakota I am definitely going to the Porter Sculpture Park!