Thursday, August 9, 2007

The day that made me like Fargo.

We had a very eventful day yesterday. I will outline some of our activities. (Sorry if the pictures arn't all you'de hope for with our new camara. Im still getting the hang of it):

We started off at the Red River Zoo. Its only about 10 minutes from our apartment and I have now convinced Brennon that it would be fun. And the fact that it was only $5.50 helped too.

Cute red barn entrance. A bus full of 8 year olds.

Brennon immediatly went to this tiger/buffalo, a tiffalo if you will, and wanted his picture by it. And he thought this wouldn't be fun!

These are the two little boys we went with, and there parents came along too. Adorable, right. Zoos are like 10 times more fun with kids.

These are some of the animals that made my "Top Ten Best Animals at Red River" list:

Cute little pygmy goats. Ok, I hate goats. Because one time, in high school, I came home at like 12:30, looked out the back glass windows and saw this freaky goat with huge horns staring back at me with those red beaty eyes. I proceded to scream and now large goats freak me out. But these ones were adorable. That stupid kid got in my way.

This is a chameleon. These are freakin cool. There eyes can look in every direction and there feet are like two put together. It just seemed so cool and smug, like it owned the place.

This is the red chinese panda bear. So fluffy and inquesitive.

The potbellied pig. He actually isn't on my top 5. I just thought he was gross and in need of some serious dental work.

The camel. After seeing these, I had that stupid song stuck in my head: "Sally the camel has 2 humps, Sally the camel has 2 humps...." You guys never watched Barney? Nevermind.

Mr. Peacock. He was permitted to just roam the zoo where ever he pleased. Oh and in case you were wondering, they frown on feeding him Doritos.

It was a very fun trip and I managed to get out of there with 0 pictures of myself.

Our next stop was Dairy Queen:
This is no ordinary Dairy Queen. They practically give cheeseburgers away. Only 39 cents. No, Im not joking. Everyday, only 39 cents. And there not all that gross either.
Then, I drove Brennon to work. I got a call about an hour later that they couldn't work anymore because some gay person at the State something or other said we didn't have the right permits or some crap like that. So everyone got the day off! Brennon comes home and I excitedly say, "What do you wanna do?" He gets this little look in his eye like he wants something and then starts showering me with flattery. The boys wanna go play basketball. Being the awesome wife I am said, "Ok, if thats what you wanna do..." *laying on the guilt, sad face thick*. I decided to go since getting out of the house was much more appealing.

Much to my suprise, it actually turned out to be fun! There was one other girl and 6 boys and we played some hardcore basketball. Those of you that know me know that I am NOT a sporty girl. Ive tried every sport and miserably failed. Junior High-tried out for the volleyball team and they ended up asking me to be the manager. High school-Was in track and tennis primarily for the boys. Anyways, I shot about 5 baskets and made 2 so Im pretty proud. That summer in Wham really payed off. In the middle of the game it started to rain, thunder and lightning hard and much fun was had by all. The smell of rain is one of my favorite things ever.

Then we went home and shower because we had a date! Brennon met this couple while knocking doors and they invited us to go to dinner with them. They were super nice. He is a full time musician in this band and the worship leader at there church. It was so nice and random for them to invite us-they really liked Brennon. It was way fun.
Then we came home and we fell asleep watching The Bourne Supremacy. We were tired from our busy day.


Erica said...

This is quite the busy day! lol to your descriptions of the animals. My favorite quote of this post "That stupid kid got in my way."

That picture of the rain on the basketball looks like a professional shot!

Vonda said...

Look at you with your cool camera! Im glad you had a fun day before you come back to beautiful AZ! Brennon looks like he's pretty camera happy, way to pose. Ive not seen much of you in the pics, dont always be the one behind the camera - your mommy needs to see you.

Kristal said...

K, um, .39 cheeseburgers? Load up your camry and bring some home! And seriously, are zoos really funner with ALL kids? Do you not remember mine who spend, oh, about three and a half seconds at each animal and dragging us quickly to the next. WE could do the zoo in 15 minutes flat! Must be that ADD coming from their father's side.

Vast improvement with the pictures. Seriously they look professoinal. Will you take my wedding pictures???

bet said...

So a Tiffalo? like I really dont understand it. But i like it? i really like that bball pic. and how you guys met some random strangers for lunch. safee. naw, im just jealous cause nobody here will go to the zoo with me...its only 114 outside? lol fargo sounds like a pretty alright people talk with the accent from "Bobby's World"?